About 35 years ago, we played host to young little Justin Trudeau when he visited India for the first time with his father, the then Prime Minister of Canada. Now he’s back in town with his own family while being the Prime Mister. Amazing how life swings full circle, right? In a recent Instagram post, he reminisced about how thrilled he was when he first saw the Taj Mahal. And how excited he is for his kids to see it as well. Scroll down to see pictures from his travels to India.

1. At The Taj Mahal

Heartwarmingly cute, right? Justin Trudeau with his family on the first day of their trip to New Delhi.

2. At Sabarmati Ashram

At a chance to soak in all the culture, he and his family visit the ashram where Mahatma Gandhi lived from 1917 to 1930.

3. At IIM Ahmedabad

The PM speaks at IIMA and inspires the crowd.

4. In Ahmedabad

Justin and his family sported Indian wear as they land in Ahmedabad.

Aren’t they just the cutest? We’re so glad he’s here and we hope he has an amazing trip.

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