10 Reasons Why Croatia Needs To Be On Your Bucket List

10 Reasons Why Croatia Needs To Be On Your Bucket List

Atmaj Vyas

We all have a bucket list of the places we want to visit in our life. There usually include the typical, generic places like Paris and New York, but we rarely think of the more offbeat destinations. These are places that are less popular but are just as much fun and as beautiful as mainstream ones. One such hidden gem is Croatia. So, here are 10 reasons why this beautiful place needs to be in your future travel plans.

1. Rich Culture And History

From beautiful gothic and renaissance buildings dating back to the 16th century to thousands of coastal islands, Croatia is a country that has withstood the test of time. It’s picturesque landscapes and architecture will leave you with a feeling of having travelled back in time. Their history is both sobering and eye-opening, especially about the 1991 war of independence. It’s important to realise that it’s only been 27 years since their independence.

2. It’s Easy On Your Pockets

Unlike many other European countries, Croatia still retains their currency which is called ‘kuna’. Meaning that conversion rates on the currency aren’t too exorbitant. This along with the fact that things are relatively well-priced there makes it the perfect destination for someone travelling on a budget.

3. Sightseeing And Other Things To Do

From stunning Roman ruins to the finest amphitheaters, this marvelous little place is a visual treat for anyone looking to soak in some heritage. It’s also home to the first ever Museum Of Broken Relations, which is so quirky that it fosters curiosity, doesn’t it?

4. Pebbled Beaches

These gorgeous pebbled beaches with crystal clear water are breathtakingly picturesque and are a massive tourist attraction. It’s not just one beach though. There are several equally beautiful and well-hidden spots all over Croatia.

5. Summer Festivals

The best time to visit Croatia is the summer. During this time, they play host to several open-air cultural festivals. With well-known international artists and performers flocking in and parties held each night, it’s something you definitely can’t afford to miss.

6. Something For Everyone

Croatia has something for everyone. If you’re looking for outdoor adventures, you’ve got gorgeous mountains to treck through, if it’s some peace time with nature, they have some of the most beautiful national parks too. If you’re the kind who likes staying out late and partying, consider visiting the party towns called Hvar Town and Rab Town. Also, if you happen to be a water baby, the snorkeling here is an experience you can’t afford to miss.

7. Exploring The Unknown

A lot of this lovely country is relatively unknown and unexplored. Since the connectivity by flight is rather limited, it makes for the perfect road trip, if you have a few days to spare.

8. Beyond Amazing Food

With lush greenery and restaurants that mostly grow their own vegetables, you know everything you’ll eat here is its freshest best. Croatia is a hidden gem when it comes to cuisine. From homemade pasta to fresh salads infused with some of the best olive oil, your taste buds are sure to be in for a treat. On a side note, the cafes in the capital are a must-visit and you should definitely try Croatian wine.

9. The Game Of Thrones Connect

Among many other things, Croatia is also famous for having been a part of the hugely successful Game Of Thrones. The walls and forts in the city of Dubrovnik became the famous King’s Landing and Trsteno Arboretum on the outskirts of the city became the Red Keep’s gardens. So, if you’re a fan of the show, you’ve got one more reason to visit.

10. Amazing Souvenirs And Equally Amazing Memories

The local boutiques have some of the coolest trinkets and little souvenirs you can get anywhere. From their fashion aesthetic to their handicrafts, these guys are on a completely different level. Croatia may not be the most conventional vacation destination, but it’s sure to leave you with some of the most amazing memories.

If you’re planning a holiday, make sure to add Croatia to your list. It’s something you definitely won’t regret. Plus, how can you say no to these perfect Instagram pictures?

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