15 Types Of People You’ll Definitely See At Music Festivals

15 Types Of People You’ll Definitely See At Music Festivals

Atmaj Vyas

Music festivals are aplenty nowadays in India. With newer ones cropping up every now and then, it’s something that everyone looks forward to. These festivals literally make you feel like you’re on a whole different planet with the music and the experience, but more importantly, it’s the kind of people you get to see at these gatherings; some are weird, some unique and some just plain off-putting. So, here are 15 types of people you’re most likely going to see at any music festival.

1. The Muscle Guy In A Tight Tee Or Tank Top

Yes, he goes to the gym and yes, he needs to show the world that. Looking at him makes you wonder if he can actually move in that tee because it looks as tight as a corset.

2. The Salman Khan Wannabe

Unlike the macho muscle man, this specimen prefers to be half naked. He needs validation on his gains and thinks running around bare-chested will get him exactly that.

3. The Please Don’t Stop The Music Girl

A true party girl. She’s usually the one with the headphones plugged in and is still dancing, long after the music has stopped. She’s in her own world and honestly doesn’t quite care about what is going on around her.

4. The One Who Cries And The One Who Is In The Friend Zone

You will usually see these two together. Whether it’s the woman crying and the man who’s in the friend zone, comforting her or vice-versa. The discomfort is palpable and you can’t help but feel sorry for them.

5. The Group Who Has No Idea What The Hell Is Going On

This jhoond of people are usually extremely oblivious to everything. They have no idea who is playing and what genre it is. Looking at them attempt to fit in, and fail miserably while trying to lip-sync to the songs is a funny sight.

6. The One Who Can’t Control Their Drinking

Ahh yes, the all-too-familiar drunk one. With enough alcohol in their system to knock out an elephant, it’s a miracle they are still standing (sort of). While watching them sway all over the place and often times, even fall over, you can’t help but ask the question: why?

7. The One Who Gets Into Fights

Music festivals are crowded AF and people are usually in a rush to catch their favorite artist or a headliner. Often, you end up bumping into someone while in a rush and most times, a polite ‘sorry’ works. But there are those who are just waiting to pick a fight with you. The insults start flowing and all the threats start coming your way. We’ve all seen this kind of person and usually steer clear of them.

8. The Couple Who Can’t Get Enough Of Each Other

Sure, we’re a progressive bunch so PDA is all good, but trying to reach into your partner’s mouth in the hopes of finding a cavity, isn’t cool. Get a room or something! We’ve seen worse TBH, but no one wants to get into that.

9. The Weird Older Guy Who’s There To ‘Pick Up Chicks’

A mid-life crisis has nothing on this dude. He makes your skin crawl. While we know there isn’t an age limit to enjoy such festivals, it’s their agenda that’s creepy.

10. The Creepy Dude Making Eye Contact

Alright, ladies, we know you’ve faced this a several hundred times. So you know exactly who we are talking about. It’s that shady guy in the corner who keeps staring at you and slowly smirks thinking you’re going to be interested. Your disinterested expression isn’t enough for these people to get the hint.

11. The Cute Guy Every Girl In A Group Is Falling On

Some guys love the attention and some don’t. At a music festival, you can always see that one cute guy in the group who all the girls are trying their hardest to hit on. Whether he is actually oblivious to what is happening or he’s just playing dumb, it’s funny to see him get awkward.

12. The Judgemental Ones

You can spot these guys by the weird faces they keep making at people. They judge everyone and everything. Not only can you see them judge you, they can sometimes actually make you conscious of what you’re doing.

13. The Mingler

They’re the free-spirited souls who can’t be tamed. They randomly go up to people and befriend them, and honestly, no one really seems to mind. They usually have a really good vibe and are easy to get along with.

14. The Hyper/ Over Excited One

At a music festival, it’s not unusual to see people having a good time and being excited. They’re there for the experience and to make memories, but then, you also have the overtly excited and over-hyped kind too. Watching them makes you want to ask what they are on and if you could have some.

15. The Afterparty One

As if attending the music festival for the whole day wasn’t enough, these guys somehow have the energy to head to an afterparty. The most annoying part, you ask? Well, it’s the fact that they want to drag you along with them. Saying no just puts a damper on the mood and makes you look like a Debbie Downer and no one wants to be that guy. It’s a damned if you and damned if you don’t kinda situation.

What other kinds of people have you seen at these festivals? Let us know in the comments below.

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