Art is not only a visual treat, it is also immersive. Each piece has a story and an emotion behind it that has the ability to take you on an amazing journey. These masterpieces take a tremendous amount of skill and time to create and are truly something to be celebrated. So, in the spirit of celebrating the finer things in life, we present to you 5 extremely talented Indian artists who’re creating waves.

1. Anushka Bhatnagar

This bold and vibrant girl is truly gifted when it comes to creating magic on canvas. Her larger-than-life take on things truly reflects in her work. She also loves channeling her emotions and using it as inspiration to propel her thoughts in the direction she wants.

2. Kartikey Sharma

With a story that is both emotional and extremely inspiring, Kartikey’s achievements cannot and should not be overlooked. Not only is he a fabulous artist, he also stands as proof that nothing in life can pull you down unless you allow it to. His paintings have the ability to draw you in and follow his journey.

3. Adyot Rajadhyaksha

Inspiration can be drawn from everything around you and this young artist proves exactly that. One look at his Instagram feed and you’ll realise exactly why he calls himself a multimedia artist. Adyot stands as proof that there is no right or wrong age when it comes to talent.

4. Harmeet Rahal

A quick look at this artist and you realise what his aesthetic is about. A clearly vivid imagination and a keen eye for colour, his unusual-yet-satisfying pieces are sure to brighten up your day.

5. Meenakshi Golchha

This young artist who is also a media student has talent beyond her years. Even the sketches she makes are intricate and gorgeous enough to leave a long-lasting impression.

It is undeniable that these young artists are a force to reckon with and are proof that there is talent all around us, that doesn’t conform to the mainstream.

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