7 Best Ice Creams In Mumbai That You Should Bookmark For The Summer

7 Best Ice Creams In Mumbai That You Should Bookmark For The Summer

Karishma Govil

Who doesn’t love ice cream? No one, that’s who! But not all the ice cream parlours in town give out the best, do they?
No need to get all worked up. We’ve curated a list of the most epic gelatos and ice creams that will give you a brain-freeze you won’t regret. So, let’s get right to it.

1. Belgian Chocolate Bubble Waffle at Papa Cream, Multiple Outlets

Imagine a bed of fresh crispy bubble waffles with a dollop of rich Belgian chocolate, topped up with whipped cream. Yep, we started salivating too!

Price: ₹265

2. Dark Chocolate And Raspberry Sorbet at Coppetto, Bandra

You’re allowed to choose your own combinations of gelato or even go with one flavour. But we love the combination of dark chocolate with the freshness of the raspberries.

Price: ₹230

3. Ultimate Choco Fantasy Friffles at IceKraft, Multiple Outlets

Black cone with charcoal ice cream, say what?! And it’s all topped up with red velvet waffles.

Price: ₹149

4. Malted Milk Cookies With Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich at Where’s My Cone?, Bandra

Fresh and warm cookies with chilled rich Belgian chocolate ice cream inside. This one sure takes us back to our childhood.

Price: ₹150

5. Townie Brownie at Nice Kream, Multiple Outlets

A chocolate flavoured waffle cup with chocolate ice cream, chocolate almonds and chocolate sauce!

Price: ₹195

6. Choco Dip Sundae at Havmor Ice Creams, Multiple Outlets

This will fill you right up! Fresh waffle cup with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce, that’s topped up with chocolate chips.

Price: ₹70

7. Guava Glory at Apsara Ice Creams, Multiple Outlets

The new rage nowadays! Freshly churned guava ice cream that’s got a chilly powder drizzle on top. So good!

Price: ₹65 onwards

Drooling already? We bet you are! So, what are you waiting for really? To satisfy this craving with the best in town!

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