If You're Thinking Of Dying Your Hair, We've Found The Colour You Must Try

Rashmi Bhosale , 22 Feb 2018

Switching to a new hair colour is a life-changing experience. So, to pick a colour that makes this huge difference can be an intimidating task. Even in the world of hair colouring, there are enough and more trends that’ll help you make the right decision. Just like the recent one that’s making rounds on the ‘gram. Gaining quick popularity on Instagram is a rich new look called Mulled Wine Hair.

We’re all in for anything inspired by our favourite drink, even if it’s hair. Inspired by the shades of the mulled wine and its characteristics, the hair colour makes for a rich dye. This bold hue promises deep undertones of berry-red and purple. We can’t stop staring at some of these pictures, the colour is kind of mesmerising. Scroll down to see if you agree:

Have these photos convinced you to try out this new hair trend? Tell us if you wanna dive deep into trying this out or just want to pour a glass of wine?

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