5 Annoying Trends That We're Sick Of And We Hope Disappears Quickly

Atmaj Vyas , 23 Feb 2018

It seems we’re in a time where almost anything can have the possibility to become a ‘viral trend’. Many such trends have come and gone but as we move past them, weirder ones emerge. At times we can’t help but wonder why or how these things even became a trend, nevertheless, they are. The annoying part though is the overuse of these trends. At some point, you’re just over it, but everyone around you is doing it and you just want it to stop. Here are 5 such trends we truly hope disappear ASAP.

1. Dabbing

What started off as something fun, quickly became redundant and overused. The number of people who jumped on board the bandwagon for this one was insane. We’re not even sure how, but dabbing became a huge pop-culture phenomenon and just like any other worthless trend, we sincerely hope it dies.

2. Fidget Spinners

We can’t even with this one. These annoying little things were supposed to help people by being a stress buster and for people who loved fidgeting. For some odd reason, this became such a craze that it lost it’s entire purpose and became more of a fashion statement. Thank god the craze faded, otherwise, we’re pretty sure, we’d have a Hollywood movie on fidget spinners. Still, we do wish that just like the plague, these things get wiped off the face of the earth.

3. Slime

It’s icky and it’s gross! Why on earth is this even a thing? It’s one thing that we loved Flubber, but this is far from being anything cute and adorable. What is even weirder is the fact that people are changing this gooey thing into various products and even services. Who on earth thought that a slime hair spa was a good idea? Get a grip, people!

4. Viral Challenges

20 years when we look back, we’re sure as hell going to wonder, why the [email protected] did we waste time doing stupid stuff like that. From eating hot peppers to dunking your self into an icy river, these challenges range from stupid to downright moronic. Regardless, more and more keep coming up each day and in this day and age, where everybody is looking for their 30 seconds of fame, we doubt there is a possibility of it ending. Still, one can always have hope that sense will eventually prevail.

5. The Overuse Of Instagram Animal Filters

Do you honestly not like your own face that much? Like we get it, it’s cute and all, but like maybe for the first 5-6 times. If every story and post on Instagram is your face with dog years, you’ve got issues, buddy. Too much of anything is annoying. So take a break and give those damn filters a break too.

What are some of the most annoying trends you wish you could put an end to? Let us know in the comments below.

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