Finding a date is tough. We know that. And relationships are hard. But the worst thing to do is ruin your chances on the very first date itself. Everyone puts their best foot forward because the first impression you make is usually a lasting one. Over and above that, the person you go out with also judges your every move; the pressure is real! One wrong move could result in losing a potential partner. Now we’re not saying that you can’t be yourself. But what we’re about to tell you are certain things that you should definitely not say on a date if you want to up your chance of a second one:

1. I’m still friends with my ex.

Now there’s nothing wrong with being friends with your ex. But talking about your ex on your first date is quite off-putting. You could avoid it and put a pin on it untill you and your date are more familiar with each other.

2. I’m a party lover!

Everyone is at some point. But being emphatic on that may lead you to look a bit frivolous. To make sure you don’t lead someone to believe all you do is party, it’s important to use those words wisely and in the righ context.

3. You’re not the only one.

While that might be true, it’s impolite and potentially offensive to some people. This is a conversation you should have another time. Not on the first date.

4. I drink like a fish.

It’s totally okay to want to drink. But is that the first impression you’d want them to have? For all you know, your date loves drinking as much as you. But won’t say it till you both are properly acquainted with each other.

5. I don’t give money that much importance.

What you probably wanted to say was that you don’t chase money. But it might come across as you not valuing money which may lead your date to believe you’re not as responsible.

6. I’m not looking for a serious relationship.

This might drive almost every date away. While you might not want anything serious for now, you never know if this might lead to something more meaningful than you could imagine. So, by saying this, you’re elminating your chances of a deep and real relationship.

7. I’m broke.

Planning to make a quick escape to the washroom when the bill arrives? Well don’t! You’d rather not go on a date at all. Than embarrass yourself in front of a potential partner. This is something you definitely cannot say on your first date.

So, if you’ve been rejected too many times, or you just don’t know why your first date almost always never goes well, these tips could help you introspect.

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