Karan Wahi Posted A Photo With The Cast Of ‘Remix’ And Now We Really Want A Sequel

Shreemi Verma

Remix was one of the greatest shows made on Indian television, at least in the minds of 14-year-olds who grew up wanting to be as epic as Anvesha, as smart as Ranvir, as cool as Yuvi and as lovely as Tia. The show, which ended years ago has developed a cult following even amongst the newer generation because it’s THAT good. Even now, fans post petitions for the cast to return for a season 2. Karan Wahi, who became a household name due to the popularity of his character Ranvir Sisodia, posted an adorable throwback photo with the show’s cast.

The best part is that he and Raj Singh Arora (who played the bad boy Yuvraj Dev) are still really close friends. Just come back for a sequel already you guys!

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