Earlier today, Supreme Court advocate Runa Bhuyan filed a complaint against popular singer Papon for allegedly “inappropriately kissing a minor girl”, who is a contestant on the reality show, Voice of India Kids. According to reports, the incident happened in Mumbai on 20th February.

In a letter addressed to the chairperson of the National Commission For Protection of Child Rights, Mr. Bhuyan alleges that a video going viral has “objectionable contents violating bodily integrity amounting into sexual assault on a minor girl”.

Check out the video in question here:

Papon’s manager, Partha Gogoi told a local website Guwahati Plus:

The act was not meant to hurt the sentiments of any individual, and that it was not wrong in any manner, which is why they see no reason to pull down the video from the official Facebook page of Papon.

The singer has also opened up about the controversy on his Facebook page. You can read his full statement here:

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I am very painfully conscious of the accusations that have been made against me in the last few days. Anyone who knows…

Posted by Papon on Friday, February 23, 2018