Planning a vacation? Well, before you start packing your bags, you may want to consider what it is you actually need. Many times, we tend to overpack, or even worse, forget to pack a little extra. This usually creates hassles at the airport because you’re over the weight limit, or just plain distraught because you forgot to pack your charger. To avoid all this drama, here are 10 simple tips to remember that will help solve your problems.

1. Location

The most important and logical thing to do is to understand where it is you’re going. Factors like what you’re doing there and what the weather is like are key in determining what to pack. So, take a second to think about the little details.

2. Essentials First

Essentials can vary from toiletries to medication to underwear, but it’s crucial to make a list and ensure they are the first things in your bag.

3. Gadgets And Electronics

When packing, gather all the electronics and gadgets that you’ll be carrying and put them straight into your backpack. This obviously includes their chargers and adapters. It’s also advised that you avoid putting them with the rest of your luggage and instead keep them in your handbag. Consider getting yourself a cool backpack if you don’t already have one.

4. How To Pack Your Stuff

A common mistake most people make is the order in which they pack their bags. Don’t just throw everything in and then shut it. Take a little time to fold them and then pack them. Generally, it’s suggested that you start with the largest or heaviest clothing items (jackets, coats, etc.) and work your way towards basics like your tees, underwear etc. This helps you figure out how much space you have left. Also, consider rolling and placing clothes like denim, trousers, etc to maximise the use of limited space.

5. Less Is More

It’s always advisable to pack slightly less in case you end up shopping or buying something so that you have space to actually carry it back. So it’s always advised that you keep all situations in mind. A good hack to keep in mind is to pack in a foldable duffel in case you need more space to carry back stuff.

6. Extra Inner-Wear

It’s always good to carry a few extras in the inner-wear department. You never know, what if your trip extends or you accidentally fall in the pool? Always helps to be prepared for something out of the blue!

7. Choose Your Shoes

TBH, you’re probably not going to need ten pairs of shoes while on vacation. Two good pairs are more than enough unless you’re going to a function or something. Packing is about utility so keeping that in mind, think about what you’re actually going to be able to wear.

8. Packing Breakable Items

It’s extremely important to pack breakable stuff carefully. Most times, placing them between thick clothes or putting them inside socks. Wrap them and then packed them, otherwise, you’re going to end up with broken glass and spoilt clothes. If you can manage it, put lotions and shampoos etc in smaller, travel-friendly bottles.

10. Maintaining Hygiene

Often times, we just dump our dirty clothes back in the bag because we don’t have anywhere else to put it. We advise that you carry a small cloth bag for all your dirty laundry. This helps ensure that you don’t spoil your fresh clothes and also helps maintain hygiene.

Do you have any essential tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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