15 Types Of People You'll Find At Every Wedding Ever

Karishma Govil , 26 Feb 2018

‘Tis the season to get married. And while you may not be the one taking the plunge, you’re still attending all the functions and so are all the other friends and family members of the bride and groom. While we’re extremely enthused about our loved ones tying the knot, we’re loving the fact that there are few types of people who end up entertaining us the entire time, whether we’re the ones getting married or not. Wanna find out who these people are? Let’s go!

1. The ‘Looking-To-Get-Laid’ Best Man

The one who’s always looking to get some action. Anyone would do for this guy. He’s literally come to the wedding with that intention.

2. The Single NRI Cousin Brother

He’s the guy everyone’s doting on. All the girls are hoping to go have a chat with him. He’s the real deal.

3. The Gate-Crasher

No one knows this guy. He’s a complete stranger. He has literally crashed the wedding and now he’s just trying to mingle.

4. The Hot And Available Sister Of The Bride

She’s the one everyone’s looking at. Every opportunity they get, all the boys want to get close to her.

5. The ‘I Don’t Dance’ Aunty

The shy aunty who doesn’t dance voluntarily. But she wants to be forced by others and then, her inner dancer is unleashed.

6. The Photo-Bombing Uncle

He’s the one who always wants to be in every picture clicked at the wedding. He will always be up for it and will bomb it if he’s not called to be a part of it. Whenever you take a picture, somehow he’ll be there.

7. The Brand Conscious Aunty

She’s totally judging you by what you’re wearing. And she hunts for opportunities to tell you which expensive designer she’s wearing. She’s always saying things like “Oh, look what she’s wearing.” She’s also the “Did you see her with that guy, you think there’s something going on?” type. She just doesn’t seem to stop.

8. The Secretly Gluttonous Aunty

She claims she’s on a diet, but she’s the one you’ll spot first at the dessert counter.

9. The ‘When Are You Getting Married?’ Aunty

She’s always out to annoy the poor single kids who are already miserable asking themselves that very question. She also emotionally blackmails you by telling you she wants to see you married before she dies. Quite passively morbid, this one.

10. The Sugar-Rushed Kids

The kids that run around on the stage after the bride and groom have finished the ceremonies. These kids are so high on the wedding cake that they don’t realise just how annoying they’re being.

11. The Sleazy Uncle

The creepy man who is constantly giving you the dirts from every corner of the banquet. You think you’ve just lost him but he’s around. Always. Checking out your every move. Waiting for you to be alone. Eeek!

12. The ‘Check-Me-Out’ Dude

This guy is the one wearing a shirt buttoned down to his stomach. I mean, he’ll really give the woman a run for their money when it comes to the cleavage.

13. Sir Drinks-A-Lot

The drunken uncle. There’s at least one of these at every wedding. The one who eventually wears his tie on this forehead. He’s the one you need to stay away from unless you want to be sprayed on with the whiskey he’s been sipping.

14. The 7-Layers-Of- Makeup Lady

She really thinks she looks beautiful with the insane amount of make up she wears. She’s also the one with the lowest back and the most plunging neckline.

15. The Token Firangi

That one foreigner friend who’s here to experience a traditional and “exotic” Indian wedding.

It’s time to take a closer look the next time you attend one. You always find funny characters at weddings. Only this time, you’ll really pay attention.

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