Who can resist the allure of freshly, blow-dried hair? However, visiting a salon every week isn’t exactly cheap and at-home blowouts don’t deliver the same results… till now. Here are a mistakes you should avoid so that you get the sleek, bouncy look you love – without the hair damage.

Mistake #1: Not Rough Drying

Using a blow dryer and brush on sopping wet locks is a recipe for disaster. First, towel dry your hair to take out the moisture. Then, use the blow dryer to rough dry with your hands till your tresses about 70% dry. Only then should you begin to use a brush.

Mistake #2: Skipping Hair Products

Heat protectants are a necessity. Comb a small amount throughout your hair to minimise the damage. In addition, you can also use volume-enhancing mousses or hydrating creams, depending on your hair type. However, use them sparingly so as to stop your mane from getting crunchy or sticky.

Kérastase L'Incroyable Blowdry | Source: Kérastase
Kérastase L’Incroyable Blowdry | Source: Kérastase

Mistake #3: Not Sectioning Correctly

The sectioning clips in the salons aren’t just for show. Divide your hair into several parts and clip them up so that you can methodically work on them. This step also prevents your wet sections from touching the dry ones.

Mistake #4: Holding The Blow Dryer Too Close

As a rule, keep your blow dryer about 8 to 10 inches away from your head. This will stop your strands from getting fried and your scalp from getting burnt.

Mistake #5: Picking The Wrong Brush

Round brushes are the way to go. Whilst metal brushes can speed up the drying process, they can also cause more harm to fragile hair. Boar bristle brushes are great for thick hair, but can be too much for fine hair. Choose your brush wisely.

Moroccanoil 35 mm Boar Bristle Round Brush | Source: Moroccanoil
Moroccanoil 35 mm Boar Bristle Round Brush | Source: Moroccanoil

Mistake #6: Using Less Tension

In the blow drying world, tension is a good thing! Stretch your hair taut as you dry it to give you that smooth, shiny look. For best results, carry out this step whilst using the nozzle attachment.

Mistake #7: Not Setting Your Hair

Don’t go rushing out the door with a head full of hot hair. To ensure that your blowout stays frizz-free and polished all day, give your locks some time to cool down. Use the low air setting on cool to set your mane in place.

We hope this guide will help you achieve the hair you deserve!

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