7 Signs That You May Be Dealing With A Pathological Liar

Atmaj Vyas , 27 Feb 2018

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re talking to someone but you suddenly start to feel that something is slightly off with them? You don’t think much of it at first, but later you may find out that everything they said is a complete lie. Whether it was a person you didn’t really know or your closest friend, the feeling of betrayal and anger are instantaneous when you’re trying to figure out why you’d been lied to. Now, everyone lies or has told a lie in their lives, but some people just can’t help themselves from doing so constantly. Here are 7 signs that you may be dealing with a pathological or compulsive liar.

1. Extremely Smooth Talker

When they talk, everything sounds just so perfect you can’t help but wonder if it’s true. They have amazing communication skills and can shift their tone to fit the discussion at hand. It helps to be a little cautious and not take everything at face value. At the same time, it’s important to also realise that not everyone who talks well is a liar and that sometimes, it’s actually coming from a place of experience.

2. They Love Attention

To say that they love attention would be a gross understatement. Pathological liars live for the attention and will do anything in their power to get it. They know how to manipulate a conversation and shift the focus onto themselves. It’s important to realise that they actually know and are aware of what needs to be said and when to elicit a response that benefits them.

3. Low Self-Esteem

They usually have a low self-esteem, which is why they feel the need to lie continuously. Something that could have possibly started out as a coping mechanism quickly turned into a habit. This is a way of looking for validation to compensate for their low self-esteem.

4. They look for sympathy

A pathological liar will always try to create an environment where the opposite person feels bad for them. The signs are easy to point out if you see how they try to move a conversation to something that will garner sympathy. While it isn’t right to undermine what someone has been through, it’s a known fact that people struggling to deal with something don’t just keep bringing it in general conversation.

5. Their Behaviour Changes

There is a constant shift in their behaviour. It varies from person to person and according to the situation at hand. They are very good people readers and always try to assess how a conversation can benefit them. With new people, you can see them be more on guard because they are still trying to figure them out and fish for information.

6. They Have To Have The Last Word

There is a constant need to have the last word. So, if need be, they will reignite a debate or conversation just to ensure they get the final say. They are also extremely dismissive towards points of view that aren’t in line with theirs.

7. Fortress Of Comfort

A compulsive liar lives in a world of make-believe. Their world revolves around them and the web of lies they weave. They operate in what is called a comfort zone and immediately get defensive if they are pushed out of that zone. Since unpredictability is something that can throw a wrench in their plans, they seek to avoid such situations and people. Also, criticism is something they absolutely cannot stand.

While sometimes, they just can’t control themselves, most times, a pathological liar wants to draw you in. Don’t get fooled by the obvious charm and never take things at face value.

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