Everything You Didn't Know About Face Primer

Natasha Patel , 28 Feb 2018

Some people go about life with flawless and perfect skin. Whether they’re out in the heat or indoors, their makeup looks as smooth as the butter you lathered over your morning toast. For the other lot of us, we need a power tool that does it all—keeps the surface of our skin smooth, controls the oil and makes it look totally perfect.

Enter, the Primer…

What is primer?

Essentially, primer is a base that’s used before any makeup product is applied to your face. Its main purpose is to help cut out shine and any oiliness which makes your makeup last longer and smoothens your skin.

Here’s what you may not know:

1. It hydrates skin.

A primer helps keep your skin soft and prevents the foundation or concealer from flaking.

2. It adds radiance.

Some primers come with illuminating specs. This makes your skin look dewy and healthy without the use of highlighters.

3. It evens out your skin tone.

For those days where you need to use minimal product, ditch your foundation because a primer can go a long way to create an even surface.

4. It helps with acne.

Primers act as a barrier between the makeup you lather on, and your skin. On a side note; it’s possibly the best product for your skin!

5. It reduces the amount of product you use.

Because of all these factors, a primer can reduce visible pores, blur fine lines and even (to an extent) reduce discolouration.

Here are a couple of makeup primers you should invest in:

Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Face Primer (Source: Benefit Cosmetics)
SMASHBOX PhotoFinish Primer (Source: SmashboxCosmetics)
Clinique Superprimer (Source: Clinique)
Maybelline Primer Facestudio (Source: Maybelline)
Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer (Source: Revlon)
Too Face Hangover Face Primer (Source: Sephora)

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