10 Signs That Prove Your Sibling Is Your BFF

10 Signs That Prove Your Sibling Is Your BFF

Karishma Govil

Not everyone has the unfortunate feeling of having a sibling. For those who do though, we’ve got proof that your sibling is actually your ultimate BFF and soulmate. Although you fight with them and some days you want to light them on fire, but most days they’re everything you’ll ever need. Here’s why.

1. They Hate Everyone You Hate

If someone hurts you, it goes without saying that your sibling will hate that person too, sometimes without even knowing them. Your enemy, their enemy. Period.

2. They Know You Better Than You Know Yourself

There are times when they do things to prove they know you better than you think.

3. They Are Your Personal Stylist Every Morning

Every morning or any event you need to go for, you always ask them what to wear. Or how to style yourself. They’ll diss you out on a bad outfit, but compliment you if you’re looking hot.

4. You Steal Each Other’s Stuff

It’s a given. You guys share stuff. They buy something and ask you to split the cost. And you don’t. But once you see them pulling off a look, you secretly start wearing it.

5. You Have Tonnes Of Inside Jokes

You speak so much you’ve got the most random inside jokes that nobody would ever get. From random words that you’ve made up over the years, to dialogues or even strange idioms that nobody understands, you guys basically have your own language.

6. They’ve Always Got Your Back

They’ll stand up for you against your parents. Or friends or anyone that ever tries to pick on you. From childhood to now, it’s the same. Even when it comes to loaning you money. Even though they take back twice as much, they lend it to you when you need it.

7. You Need To Speak To Them At least Once A Day

They’re the first ones you’d want to call. Whether it’s good news or bad. Gossip or even a stupid joke. You’d want to know first. If there is nothing, you’d still want to speak to them every day. At least once.

8. You Don’t Date People Without Their Approval

They are like your acting parents. They know you so well that you need your SO and your sibling to get along. Or else, that relationship is never going to work out.

9. You Literally Don’t Need Other Friends

If you’ve got your sibling by your side, you don’t need anyone else to share your feelings with. Or even to hang out. Even if you two are just sitting around doing nothing, you still have fun.

10. You Finish Each Other’s Sentences

You literally have moments when they complete what you’re going to say. And sometimes, you say things together!

If you and your sibling share a bond like this, it’s only fair to call them your soulmates. Friends and partners will come and go, but siblings are forever!

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