Holi is here! And we’re super excited because we’ve pre-planned and we’re all booked for a fun party. And we’ve got all the essentials. Colour, check. Water balloons, check. Old white clothes, check. We can’t wait for all the fun, but even more so for the certain kinds of people, you’ll definitely come across. Because, obviously! Read on.

1. The Makeup Queen

It’s holi! We don’t get why this one would put on layers of makeup knowing full well that it’ll be destroyed soon enough. She actually carries her makeup with her and touches it up every few hours. She feels like she’s a part of a movie. Lead role, of course.

2. The Annoying Kids With Water Guns

These kids are everywhere. They spot you from a distance and squirt these right in your ears or your eye. Argh!

3. The “You Look Really Clean” Guy

We hate this guy! As soon as you enter, even if you’ve got colour on you, he’ll still insist you’re too clean. And then he’ll smother your face with what we can only hope is not permanent colour.

4. The One With The Eggs

Steer clear of this one. He’s got eggs in his pocket. No, literally. We don’t mean what your dirty mind is thinking of. He’ll slyly come to you and break one over your head when you’re not looking. Beware!

5. The Bhaanged Up Drunk

The guy who is always at the bar. And clearly shouldn’t drink anymore. But till he doesn’t fall down, and have shoe marks on his stomach, he won’t give up. It eventually takes 3 people to lift the guy when he falls to the ground.

6. The Touch-Me-Not

“I’ve been forced to come here. And I might have said yes, but that does not mean you’re allowed to touch me. You can wave at me from 5 feet away.” She’s got the resting bitch face on. Always.

7. The Scardy Cat

The one who’s scared of water, balloons, and colour. Why are you even here?

8. The One With All The Allergies

This person claims to be allergic to colour, or rubber, or a party.

9. The Hungry One

We’re not sure what he’s on( or are we?) But he’s hungry AF. And he barely even plays. He just sits, eats and downs his thandai.

10. The One Wiping Their Face Every Ten Minutes

This person has a napkin ready. As soon as you put colour on them, they’ll wipe it off.

11. The Water Balloon Ninjas On The Fourth Floor

Every ten minutes or so, there will be a balloon thrown from a random floor. And you’re looking up, wondering where it’s coming from. And God forbid that fell on your head. Run for cover.

After reading this, you’re now ready and prepared to enter the party with a list of who to avoid and what to expect. Have a happy and safe Holi from Team MissMalini!

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