Deepika Padukone | Image source: Instagram @shaleenanathani
Deepika Padukone | Image source: Instagram @shaleenanathani

Deepika Padukone has floored us with her sari styles but have you ever stopped and stared at her blouses? Often times, in the beauty of the sari and its pallu we lose focus of the blouse. We opt for simple sleeveless ones or the most we’d do is choose a full-sleeved one for an old-world charm. But here’s what we love about India and it’s tailors. Our mummy ji‘s age-old craftsman can almost always re-create a garment from a photo. So next time you’re out to get a sari blouse stitched here are 6 styles inspired by Deepika Padukone that you can show your tailor.

1. Simple Thin Straps

Swap your usual sleeveless blouse for a thin strappy one like Deepika’s to bring a chic vibe to a classic silk sari.

2. Sheer Lace

Lace = sexy. Whether it’s in a top, skirt or like a sari blouse like this one. Don’t be afraid to experiment with lace for your saris too!

3. Billowy Sleeves

The best way to make a statement with your blouse is to go big! Pick big billowy sleeves that add volume to your look in the most gorgeous way.

4. Classic Half-Sleeve

This style is perhaps the easiest to recreate and one that will never not be trendy.

5. Deep Neck

If you want to go all out on the sexy factor, try this one with a plunging neckline that screams hot at every angle.

6. Sheer + Solid Combo

This blouse is all about the prettiness. The silk and sheer combo in peach is such a winning combination.

Which of these looks did you like best? Let us know in the comments below!

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