Priyanka Chopra's Guide To Wearing Understated Lipsticks

Prashansa Daniell , 01 Mar 2018
(Source: Instagram | Priyanka Chopra)
(Source: Instagram | Priyanka Chopra)

Reason no. 34721 we love Priyanka Chopra: The gorgeous selfies she posts on her Instagram feed. And thanks to those photos, we not only get to see what she’s up to but also get a constant dose of #MakeupInspo. Whether she’s here in India, shooting for Quantico in New York, flying in a private jet, or cuddling her lil Diana, her selfies are always on point. Through these up close and personal pictures, we’ve recently noticed how she’s been wearing the most understated lip shades; ones we would totally love to get our hands on. From pinks to browns and everything in between, here are 10 of our most favourites colours.

1. Pink-Tinted Nude

PeeCee’s flushed cheeks and subtle pink lips are such a winning combo.

Curls for dayzzzzz working his magic. @abcquantico #Quantico3

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2. Muted Maroon

We love how our desi girl wears this subtle shade of maroon that adds a pop of colour to her face in the most understated way.

Me n my coconut ? ? ❤️

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4. Basic Pink

We’ve seen our mothers wear this shade, sometimes our grandma’s too—The basic pink is colour you ought to have in your makeup kit.

5. Brown With Orange Undertones

Call us biased, but we feel the shade of brown were made for us desis. No one can pull off a mean shade of brown like us; Priyanka Chopra is proof!

5. No-Lipstick Lipstick

On your no-makeup makeup days, you need your no-lipstick lipstick. Priyanka picks the perfect shade that blends perfectly with her skintone.

Travel time.. again.. and House hunting! #quantico3

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6. Subtle Red Sheen

We love how PeeCee’s subtle red lipstick has a slight sheen to it. Would you try a lipstick like this one?

‪What's up #CinemaCon!!! @baywatchmovie #VictoriaLeeds #BeingBaywatch ‬

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7. Island Brown

The next time we’re holidaying, we’re gonna make sure we pack this beautiful shade of brown—How stunning does it look on PeeCee against the backdrop of the ocean?!

Summer wonderland.. #islandgirl ????? #thechopravacation

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8. Brunch-Ready Brown

Like we said before, browns were made for us desi girls. Here’s more proof for you!

9. Orange Candy

Who said orange always has to be bright and bold? Priyanka Chopra wears the ideal shade of this bright colour in an understated way.

Monday mornings… let's go. ???#carfies

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10. The Perfect Nude

We can almost hear the heavens open and the angels sing every time a girl finds the perfect nude for herself. PeeCee’s nude is perfect for her, have you found yours?

@baywatchmovie #BeBaywatch @jimmykimmellive

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Which of these looks did you like best? Let us know in the comments below!

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