People tend to say or do things in anger that they don’t really mean. Usually, when a person is in a mood, you ask them once or twice if everything is okay. After that, you need to just leave them to calm down. Poking and prodding, trying to figure out what’s actually pissing them off will just make them angrier. And since you’re the one being nosey, all that anger gets directed your way! As the age-old adage goes, “Never poke a sleeping bear.” You should pay heed to that advice. With that in mind, here are 10 things you really shouldn’t say to someone who’s pissed off.

1. “It’s okay, it happens.”

No, it’s not ok and we’re sure it happens a lot, but just let us have our moment! For real though, don’t bring someone else’s problems to my pissy party.

2. “You need to chill out.”

Never tell a pissed off person to chill out. Seriously, it’s like adding fuel to an already raging fire and if it gets any hotter, it’s going to become a contributing factor to global warming.

3. “Stop thinking about it so much.”

If you’re pissed off, you can’t help but think about what is pissing you off. So by telling someone to not think about it, you’re actually just making them think about it more. Get it?

4. “You’re always angry.”

You better have evidence to support those claims because if they weren’t already at level 100, they are now. It’s like robbing a kids ice cream and bursting their balloon. It’s just rude!

5. “Cheer up!”

We’re curious about this one! Is it really hard to comprehend the difference between anger and sadness? WTF do you suppose is going to cheer us up?  We’re pissed off, not unhappy!

6. “What happened? What’s wrong?”

Take this as kind advice, ask the person once. If they seem snappy, just back off and then try again when they seem less likely to take a bite out of your head. Believe us, there is nothing more infuriating than being asked what happened when you’re pissed off.

7. “You can talk to me, I might be able to help.”

You probably can’t so don’t even suggest this. If they do open up to you about their reasons and you can’t help them… guess who just pissed them off even more?

8. “You’re overreacting!”

Oh, if you say this to someone who is pissed off, don’t wait for them to react. You need to start running, fast! The last thing someone who is angry wants to hear is that they are overreacting. It’s like calling them stupid and dramatic at the same time. Not a wise choice.

9. “You’re just tired, get some sleep.”

Probably true, but anger is an emotion that is hard to rationalise. So pointing out they are sleepy, may just seem like you’re trying to defend whatever pissed them off in the first place.

10. “You’re probably just hungry.”

Again, also probably true. But unlike telling someone they are sleepy, this one is literally like poking a sleeping bear. Remember, the first rule of someone being hangry is that they will never admit to it. So maybe just call for some food and keep it, you know, instead of pointing out something.

What’s the one thing you absolutely hate hearing when you’re angry? Let us know in the comments below.

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