If you’ve been on the Instagram long enough, you’d notice a bevy of people that have started opting for a more cohesive and themed feed. Whether their colours are bright or dull/monochrome, or just include a certain genre like food accessories or plants; these profiles have suddenly gained a lot of following because of their overall look and feel.

And while I do follow most of those beautifully plated food accounts, there are many beauty accounts that are my daily go-tos. When I say beauty accounts I don’t mean our favourite beauty brands like Tarte Cosmetics, Kat Von D, Ouai, Glossier or ABH, I mean those beautifully curated and non-studio taken pictures that make me want to double tap and then hit the “Save” button.

Know what I mean?

Below, I’ve listed a couple of beauty accounts that truly inspire and are worth looking at…

1. Account: @TheFile
What you can find: Bathroom shelfies, beauty flatlays and products stacks.

2. Account: @GelCream
What you can find: Product-centric pictures with very real and muted backgrounds.

3. Account: @TopShelfIllustrated
What you can find: The coolest hand drawn beauty illustrations that vary from product pictures to videos, and real people with cartoon-like details.

4. Account: @InTheGlowBlog
What you can find: Artistically taken vibrant shots featuring makeup and skincare product stacked to perfection.

5. Account: @TheGlossarray
What you can find: An array of the latest products combined with fragrance bottles, candles and dainty jewellery.

Don’t you wish you had an feed as pretty as theirs?

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