“It’s Such A Joke” – Mallika Dua On Her Alleged Quote About Rishi Kapoor

“It’s Such A Joke” – Mallika Dua On Her Alleged Quote About Rishi Kapoor

Divya Rao

Ace comedian Mallika Dua visited our sets recently and shot for season two of our show #Vh1InsideAccess, which if you watched last evening, will know was absolutely hilarious. Unfortunately, Mallika was mis-quoted during another interaction on our sets, and news of her slamming actor Rishi Kapoor‘s sense of humour has been doing the rounds since the morning.

Mallika was asked who she thinks has the best sense of humour in Bollywood, to which she quipped, “Shah Rukh Khan“. She was asked about the worst, and while she didn’t say anything herself, several publications have been carrying news that she took Rishi Kapoor’s name and that said that she’d leave Twitter if she had inside access to his Twitter account.

This quite naturally has Mallika frazzled and annoyed. We asked her for a clarification and here’s what she said.

It’s so sad especially since it happened right after a super fun chat with Malini, who’s the easiest and safest person to speak to because her and her company’s ethos has never ever been to malign people for the sake of a few clicks. This is such a joke. What’s the point of interviewing someone if you’re going to write what you want anyway? I never said this! I was asked who I find funny and I said Shah Rukh Khan, and then I was asked who I don’t find funny and I said nothing, which is when the journalist herself and a few girls next to her said Rishi Kapoor. Fake news and tabloid journalism does so much harm to our work and mental health. I wish they realised that. It’s truly shameful. I now understand why people give safe and boring answers to the media. Some members don’t deserve any better. I wish other news portals would learn a thing or two.

MissMalini too clarified that she was completely misquoted as she was present on set at the same time.

I myself was present when Mallika Dua was being interviewed for a social media byte and she didn’t say anything to this effect. She was merely joking with some girls present on set who suggested Rishi Kapoor’s name in response to a rapid fire game and she herself at that point said “now don’t make this fake news and spread it, ok!” I am disappointed that anything anyone says is blown so far out of proportion. My apologies to Mallika that this happened on my set.

That sets the record straight and we hope this settles the matter.

You can watch the full episode here to see for yourself.