1) When Jackie revealed what makes him abuse –

Noise, honking, screeching, all of it. (And PSA videos for polio drops, more on that later)

2) And when he described Juhi Chawla as a petal

And then proceeded to say he has some ‘seeds’ for her. Apple seeds. Wonderful!

3) And Juhi said that the one song that shouldn’t be re-touched is Tu Hai Meri Kiran from Darr

Couldn’t agree more!

4) When Jackie said that an autobiography of him would be titled “Confusion is my Epitaph”

5) And Juhi never understood SRK’s stardom

We used to go for a lot of world tours during those times and whenever we would land, people would obviously cheer for us. But when Shah Rukh would go they’d start screaming! And I’d be like “what is so special?”

6) And Jackie said that he doesn’t remember the legendary parties he attended because ‘raat gayi baat gayi’.

7) And said how once, while acting with Anil Kapoor (for Parinda), the director was alright with the first take, but Anil kept insisting for more. The scene required Jackie to slap him, which he did 17 times.

When asked if the method acting worked, Jackie said they used the first take only.

8)  And Juhi told the world that the lyrics of a song from this movie called Andaaz (in which she starred opposite Anil Kapoor) actually made her cry. We have a feeling she’s talking about this song.

Do you really blame her for crying?

9) Which encouraged Jackie to address the infamous ‘maushi chi gand’ episode

The silver lining here (according to him) was that at least the entire country realized how important polio drops are.

10) And Jackie was really into collecting seeds

Yep, he took some from the red chilly Juhi had to eat for not answering a question. Juhi clarified that he’s an organic farmer, hence the behaviour.

11) And said that he had a crush on all his co-stars – Juhi ji, Madhuri ji, Dimple ji

12) Juhi said that she did Gulaab Gang purely for money, but it turned out to be a great film for her

She also said she regrets passing off roles in films like Dil Toh Pagal Hai, Raja Hindustani, Biwi no. 1 )I have made superstars)

13) And said that the couple of 2018 would be Deepika and Ranveer!

14) Jackie also said that he hasn’t seen any movie of Disha Patani (his son Tiger Shroff’s girlfriend)

We’re sure that’ll change with Baaaghi 2, amirite?

You can watch the entire episode here.