9 Signs That Suggest You Really Need To Take A Break

9 Signs That Suggest You Really Need To Take A Break

Atmaj Vyas

We are a generation that likes to work hard and party harder. We work long and odd hours every day and tend to get a little rest on the weekends. This becomes a routine for our body. We wake up, we work, we eat, we party and then we sleep. But when do we really get the time to relax? Rarely does the thought of some downtime cross our minds. When it finally does, it’s often too late and we are already heading in for a breakdown. To prevent that, here are 9 signs you shouldn’t ignore and help point out that you’re in serious need of a break.

1. Always On Edge

You know it’s time for a holiday when even the slightest thing can throw you over the edge. Whether it’s you being cranky all the time or just pissed off with things and people in general, these are signs that you need a break. Do a little introspection and think about how you’re living your life in regards to your schedules and lifestyle. These are major telltale signs you need a break.

2. Unable To Cope With Stress

Feel like you can’t take it anymore? Well, stress does that you! It has a sly way of building up and manifesting itself over time and can often go unchecked or unresolved. Since stress doesn’t have a physical form and is a mental manifestation, you often find yourself unable to cope with things. Daily activities or tasks seem mundane and too tough. Stress isn’t something you should take lightly and a quick little holiday can make all the difference.

3. Cannot Deal With Your Surroundings

People and places you once liked all seem annoying and boring now. Even your chill spots are now places you want to avoid because you just can’t deal with it. If you really start to think why or what is the reason behind this, you come up empty-handed. This is a clear indication that you need to take a break from your daily life. Routines can often make even the most fun things seem annoying.

4. Mental Block

A major sign that you need to take a break is when you start to feel that you have a complete mental block. Despite what people think, it’s not only creative people who get a block. When you feel like you can’t think straight or feel like your brain has completely shut down, it’s a definite signal that you need to step back and take a break.

5. Perpetually Tired

Routines can be a tiring affair, of that there is no doubt. But, when you wake up tired and feel lethargic all day,  it’s probably not because you had a long night. Sure, that could be a contributing factor, but if you’ve done it before, why is it suddenly becoming a problem? Remember, your body may feel things that your mind cannot comprehend. Try taking a break and see how refreshed you feel after that.

6. Find Yourself Spacing Out And Not Being Able To Concentrate

Daydreaming a lot? Or maybe you just can’t stop thinking about a holiday. That’s actually a sign you need to take a break. Seems too convenient? Well, if the studies are to be believed, the mind often thinks about what you want the most. Often times, when your mind cannot take it anymore, it becomes hard to concentrate. This results in irrational thoughts and a mind that is scattered all over the place.

7. People Tell You That You Need A Break

You know it’s time you took a break when even other people can notice how messed up you are. Often times, we tend to disregard what others say and overlook all the signs. Call it divine intervention or a rude awakening, but when people start telling you that you need to relax a bit and go on a holiday, listen to them. They can obviously see something that you’re missing out on. Of course, we don’t expect you to listen to every random person, but people who are near and dear.

8. Deteriorating Health

Falling sick too much? It’s a sign, that you need a change. Be it the environment you’re in or the situation, you need to give it a rest for a while. A healthy mind can actually lead to a healthy body. If you’re constantly bombarded with stress and a workload, you’re bound to overlook your health in the process. A short getaway will work wonders for your body as you give it time to recharge.

9. It Has Been Over A Year Since Your Last Break

The maximum one should go without a break is one year. Every year, your body and mind need a break from everything which is why almost everyone goes for a yearly holiday. Ideally, you would like to take a short break every 3 months. However, since that is not feasible for many, it is recommended that you take a yearly break. While routines are good, too much of it can have reverse effects and actually drop your productivity.

Start planning out your leaves if you haven’t already! Remember, your health and wellness should always come before anything else. If you start to compromise on it, the ripple effects will consume you. Even a quick weekend getaway can work wonders, so don’t just limit yourself to going to fancy places. Holidays are like food for your soul, so treat them that way!

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