Every girl has loved playing with Barbie Dolls when they were kids. From dressing them up to playing house, we’ve done it all. Barbie has basically shaped our childhood with aspirationally beautiful dolls. But on International Women’s Day this year, they’ve taken it up a notch higher by introducing their new collection based on historic women of all time.

They’ve now become a voice for women’s empowerment after being accused of promoting unrealistic expectations of beauty for young girls. From their collections inspired by women from different walks of life, to their movie-themed dolls, they have done everything.

But now, they’re inspiring us so much more with this new collection. This collection features Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, Katherine Johnson and many more.

Mattel ran a survey of 8,000 women and concluded that 86% of them are worried about the kind of role models their daughters are exposed to. This got them to inspire the world with this series that comes with information about these women and their contributions to the world.

Such examples are:

Amelia Earhart: The first female aviator to fly across the Atlantic Ocean
Frida Kahlo: The renowned Mexican artist
Katherine Johnson: A pioneer in mathematics who broke racial barriers

All these women are still the epitome of pride for all the women in the world.

They are also launching 14 new dolls in their collection called ‘Sheroes‘. These will be a tribute to real women who have inspired the world with their work.

We’re so stoked about this collection and can’t wait to get our hands on them. Whether it’s a collector’s item or to educate the children of today, we’re definitely going to get them all.

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