Rumours Of Irrfan Khan’s Health Are Untrue

Sukriti Gumber
Irrfan Khan
Irrfan Khan

Earlier this week, Irrfan Khan sent out a tweet saying he has been diagnosed with a rare disease and will further updates us after a conclusive diagnosis. Naturally, we were quite shocked to hear about this and fully agree with his need for privacy at this hour. In his note, Irrfan also requested the media to not speculate any further as he will himself give an update as & when he knows more.

Unfortunately, the exact opposite happened. Rumours started doing the rounds that he has a brain tumor called Gliboblastma Multiforme (GBM) Grade IV, which in other words, is called death on diagnosis. However, this is NOT true. The reports doing the rounds are inaccurate and far from the truth. Irrfan’s health has deteriorated but his family confirmed to Cinespeaks that his condition is improving.

The least we can do at this point of time is not speculate a person’ illness, after he has specifically requested us not to. Let’s wait for the next official statement from Irrfan and only then reach a conclusion. Wishing him and his family good luck and strength.

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