We’re not haters, TBH, but there are some things that annoy us so much that we completely lose our minds. Doesn’t that happen to you too? Here is a list of the most common pet peeves that will annoy the daylights out of you but help you know you’re not alone in the way you feel.

1. Loud Chewing Noises

Nom Nom Nom Nom. Crunch Crunch. Arrrgh, Just. Shut. Up. Already.

2. People Talking In Movies

A lot of people like to talk in the middle of a movie. Some even tell you to explain the story to them again because they didn’t understand. Really?

3. People Burping In Public

This is just plain gross. The belching needs to stop.

4. When People Cough Or Sneeze Without Covering Their Mouth

How hard is it to cover your mouth, Susan?

5. Movie Or TV Show Spoilers

People need to stop doing this. What is this sadistic behaviour?

6. Someone Waking You Up When You’re Asleep To Ask You If You Were Sleeping

Seriously! Isn’t this super annoying?

7. Someone Who Bites Their Nails

This is as common as it is annoying.

8. Mispronunciation, Bad Grammar & Punctuation

You might call us Grammar Nazis, but how hard is it to know the difference between ‘you’re’ and ‘your’.

9. People Who Interrupt You When You Speak

These guys are the worst. And they don’t stop. Just stop. Please?

10. People Talking Loudly On The Phone

We seriously do not want to hear your conversation, buddy! So just take it outside.

11. People Who Talk Slowly

We hate when people take forever to finish their sentences. Just spill those beans already!

12. Poking Your Shoulder

Why do some people keep poking you with their finger to get your attention? But the worst part is when they keep doing it to you and don’t stop.

13. When Someone Eats Your Last Bite

The last bite of whatever you’re eating has been strategically saved to be eaten by you later. But some sadistic demon comes along and eats it. You’ll burn in hell.

14. Loud Slurping

That annoying loud noise people make while slurping chai or soda through a straw or soup. Just please, shhh!

15. The Passive-Aggressive Tsks

We hate passive aggressive peeps anyway. But you know what’s worse? The tsk noises some people make to show you they’re disappointed. Such judgemental aunties.

There are many more pet peeves that could make it to the list. Do tell us yours in the comments below!

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