French fries? Hell yeah! We don’t think we’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t like fries. Thank God! And for those who love them as much as we do, we’ve listed down the best french fries you’ll ever get your hands on. Yep, it’s true. French fries FTW! Here they are:

1. House Fries at Doolally, Multiple Outlets

Thick chunks of potato fried and spiced. Served with 5 different kinds of dips. We love these fries, and we love to wash these down with a mug of chilled beer.

Price: ₹300++

2. Pizza Fries at The J Cafe, Multiple Outlets

What’s better than pizza + fries? Well, the answer is, NOTHING! It’s literally the best combination and we recommend you to try them.

Price: ₹140++

3. Loaded Truffle Fries at Pranzi, Khar

We think truffle oil is the best flavour of fries. And top it up with cheese to make it the perfect plate of fries there is.

Price: ₹220++

4. Cottage Cheese Poutine at Kaama, Lower Parel

Paneer Makhani fries? Why not? It’s rich and full of flavour. The fusion is so interesting that we couldn’t help but order. And guess what? We loved it.

Price: ₹220++

5. Truffle And Parmesan Fries at Kode, Lower Parel

Hot, crispy, and fresh fries with a generous portion of parmesan cheese sprinkled on top is exactly what you need as the perfect bar snack.

Price: ₹250++

6. Home Fries at Le Cafe, Chembur

The offer two options. Cajun or Creole flavoured fries. They’re so fresh, that we ordered a portion more!

Price: ₹175++

7. Truffle Fries at Hopscotch, Bandra

Another yummy portion of fries. We loved these crispy fries so much that it went straight to our hearts.

Price: ₹250++

8. Animal Fries at 145, Multiple Locations

Time to go wild with the animal fries at 145. These fries are thin, crispy and drowned in a yummy secret sauce.

Price: ₹221++

9. Home Fries at Mahlzeit, Bandra

Crispy golden fries that go so well with their meals. If not, you could just order a portion and eat nothing else.

Price: ₹100++

10. Cheese Fries at Jimis Burger, Multiple Locations

Ahh, that cheese though! These cheesy fries are topped with mozzarella cheese and their in-house spice mix. Yum!

Price: ₹160++

It’s time to order these bad boys right away. TBH, for us, every day is Fry-day! Tell us your favourite spot in the comments below!

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