Shopping is every girl’s birthright. It helps you unwind. And it makes you super happy! Why else do you think it’s called retail therapy? Who doesn’t like the occasional shopping binge over the weekend? You don’t ever need a reason to shop. But when you do hit the mall to shop all day, it is the most entertaining experience ever. Let’s list out all the people you meet and things you experience when you’re out at a mall.

1. The Uncomfortably Pushy Salesperson

They are the worst! You’ve just entered the store and the person attending to you is only thinking ‘Ka-Ching!‘. All they want is their monthly sales commission. They’ll lie to your face about how ‘amazing’ you look in something hideous. And the worst is when they stand so close to you and it makes you feel like you’re being tackled on a football field.

2. The Never-Ending Lines

Sometimes on a public holiday or a busy weekend, the lines at the cash counters are so long. It almost makes you want to surrender your stuff and leave.

3. People Walking In Random Directions

People at the mall walk so randomly it’s frustrating. Some will bump into you, some will step on your feet and some will cross you randomly out of nowhere and it’s just so annoying.

4. The Card Machine Errors

Those goddamn card machines. They almost never work. Especially when you’re in a hurry, either the network is down or their machine isn’t working. Or the worst would be when you’ve been swiped twice. God forbid!

5. The Infinitely Long Billing Procedures

Once you’ve picked out what you want, you head to the cash counter. All you want to do is pay and leave. But nope! That’s not going to happen. They’ll need so many details that just never seem to end. You name, number, the city you live in, your relationship status, your dog’s name, what you ate for lunch, and a lot more.

7. The “Special” Discount

Those godforsaken deceiving discounts. Doesn’t it seem like you’ve paid a lot more than you would have if it wasn’t for that discount? It’s true. We totally feel you.

8. Overcrowded Stores

So. Many. People! Malls are always so crowded over the weekend. Every store, restaurant, and of course, those washrooms. The stores sometimes make us feel like we’re in a Virar local. Will we come out of there alive?

9. The Irresistible Urge To Buy Something You Don’t Need

You’re walking around looking for something you need. But then you spot that useless mall junk that you really don’t need. And then you’re torn between buying it or letting it go. We all know what you end up doing.

10. Getting Lost

These malls are so massive. You end up getting lost almost always and start asking for directions like a helpless tourist. But nobody really knows where you want to go. Help!

Now you know! Retail therapy comes at a cost. Nonetheless, we love it! And we’ll never stop going to the mall. Tell us how your experience at the mall was in the comments below.

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