Coffee is a drug we need every morning. There are so many of us who survive on this earth solely because of the existence of coffee. There are some who don’t like coffee. But most of us need this just so we don’t look like walking corpses. Here are things only a pure coffee addict will relate to.

1. You Feel Like People Who Don’t Drink Coffee Aren’t From This World

2. The First Thought When You Wake Up Is: Coffee

3. Your Poop Cycle Revolves Around Coffee

4. You’re A Zombie Till You Get Your First Cup Of The Day

5. Your Tolerance To People Is Directly Proportionate To The Amount Of Coffee You Consume

6. The Stronger The Coffee, The Better You Feel

7. You Can Adult Only After A Few Cups

8. Even The Smell Of Coffee Makes You Happy

Relatable much? In that case, you’re a coffee slave like us. On that note, order a cup now!

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