Rumour has it that streaming giant Netflix is in what they call “advanced negotiations” for a series of shows with former President, Barrack Obama and wife Michelle Obama! The proposed deal would have them produce exclusive content which would be a Netflix special only.

While there are no confirmations on the format or how many episodes will be out, it will provide them with another huge platform! Netflix has roughly 118 million subscribers worldwide and both Barrack and Michelle already have a gigantic social media presence.

It is said that the former President of the United States will not use this platform as a political spectrum but rather to share inspirational and true stories. While there are no confirmations or official comments from execs on this, the rumours seem pretty legitimate. In addition to this, Michelle Obama already has her memoir set to release this fall so we will see if this ties in somehow!

What do you think about this news? If this is indeed true, would you watch it? Well, we for one hope it’s true and can’t wait to see these two on screen!

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