Whether you have googled the step-by-step process on how to get a manicure at home or watched a video, at times, there are some unavoidable glitches that take place. Of course, when you get it professionally done, you don’t have to look into the details. But when you’re at home, even the smallest of steps matter the most. Ask any stylist or image consultant and you’ll know a good manicure plays a really important role in making the first impression. So, even when it’s a DIY manicure, it’s best to do it correctly.

There are some common mistakes that a person can make while getting their at-home manicure. These avoidable pointers will not only save your time but also get you the best possible results. Here are the ones you need to be careful about.

1. Soaking Your Hands Before Filing

Generally, the soaking step is after you file your nails. To prevent the nails from splitting, always file when the nails are completely dry.

2. Using A Metal Nail File

It’s advisable to use an emery board instead of a metal nail file. The metal file can be too harsh on the nails and lead to chipping or peeling, especially if you have a thin nail bed.

3. Filing Nails In Different Directions

The back and forth action might be easier, but it is harmful. It can lead to tearing or splitting of the nails, and we all know the feeling of our nail getting stuck in our top or our hair. Start from the sides towards the top of the nail and do continue the process to achieve the shape you need.

4. Cutting Your Cuticles

When you cut the cuticles, you are exposing open cuts, which might lead to an infection. Instead of cutting, soften your cuticles and push them back with a cuticle stick.

5. Buffing Every Single Time

Buffing is a crucial step while getting a manicure, but it makes your nail bed thin and further makes the nail weak. So, you don’t have to do this step every single time you do a manicure.

6. Applying Nail Polish Without A Base And Top Coat

The properties of a base coat and top coat are different and hence, they can’t be used interchangeably. The base coat works as a primer to prep the nails for polish and makes the manicure last longer. The top coat is a protective layer that does not let your polish chip easily. Also, it doesn’t let strong curries or spices change the colour of your nail paint. Yup, we’re talking about the white nail gone yellow because of turmeric.

7. Using Remover To Thin Your Nail Polish

Most of us are guilty of trying to rejuvenate an old, dry nail paint with remover. But the characteristics of remover is to break down the nail polish formula. So, use a nail polish thinner instead.

8. Jiggling The Nail Polish Bottle

Unfortunately, this has become a step in the process. But the vigorous shaking aerates the polish, which doesn’t give you a smooth finish. Instead, just roll the bottle between your palms.

9. Using Cotton Buds Or Cotton To Clean Up Mistakes

Even though cotton is our go-to for makeup and beauty mistakes, it’s best to avoid it if your polish hasn’t dried yet. The cotton strand can easily get stuck in your fresh paint and mess up your manicure. Dip a flat, clean makeup brush or art brush in your nail paint remover and clean up your mistakes fuss-free.

10. Not Being Patient

Has it happened to you, the minute you get done with your mani, you immediately have to touch something? Keeping patience is the key to the whole process. Even while applying the paint, make sure you don’t apply a thick coat. Apply two thin coats and seal it with a top coat. Aftercare is equally important. Let your mani dry properly before your hands get busy.

These small points are avoidable and will help you get the perfect manicure, every single time. Hope you have a fabulous #ManicureMonday!

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