Airports are a crazy place. Some airports seem endlessly long and some start and end. But, what makes airports all the more interesting is the fact that you get to see so many different types of people! Everyone you come across has their own unique quirks and if you really sit down to notice, you’ll see there are certain types of people, you’ll always see. Here are 15 such people you’ve definitely come across at the airport.

1. The Guy With The Fanny Pack

That fanny pack is his life! He wears it with pride and literally, everything, including snacks are kept in there. Well, we guess.

2. The Hungover One

This has probably been every one of us at some point or the other, so it’s hard to miss someone going through a raging hangover. The droopy eyes, black coffee and slur in the voice says it all.

3. The Clueless Foreigner

They’re most likely a little lost or just overwhelmed. Either way, this is the definition of running around like a headless chicken.

4. The Smoking Zone Bro

Walks into the airport and heads straight into the smoking zone. Clears security, heads back in for a smoke. They’re probably the kind that really can’t handle a nicotine drop.

5. The Creepy One

One look from this one is enough to make your skin crawl. They stare at you relentlessly and you can’t help but get up and find another seat. Ugh, creepy!

6. The Cool Cat

Slightly snooty, well dressed and making a bold fashion statement, the cool cat is someone we’ve all come across. Whether they are fashionistas or just a model, they catch your eye the second they walk by. No shade, you do you, boo.

7. The Loud & Obnoxious Family

Yay! They are going on a holiday and that’s sweet but honestly, there isn’t any need to be so loud about it. With kids that run rampant and parents that couldn’t be bothered, this family is a pain in the butt for all travellers. PS, if you think we’re exaggerating, try taking an early morning flight with these guys around.

8. Mr. Suit And Boot

Dressed in all formals, this guy is clearly coming from or going to a meeting. The crisply ironed white shirt and the perfectly polished tan shoes make you feel slightly inferior. Only slightly though, #BasicBitches!

9. The One Who Forgets To Empty His Pockets Before Security

The rules are pretty simple, right? Take out everything from your pocket, place it on a tray and proceed for security. Yet somehow, these dolts manage to overlook basic instructions even though you have security yelling it out constantly. Voila, welcome to your 20 minutes in the queue.

10. The Conversation Starter

Generally, these people are a welcome change. Waiting at an airport can be boring sometimes. So, having someone to talk to while you wait, is always nice.

11. The Nosy One

Not to be confused with the conversation starter, this person is just straight up nosy. They want to know where you’re going, why you’re going, who you’re going to meet and so on. The questions are so annoying that you literally need to fake going to the bathroom to just get away.

12. The Argument Starter

Anything and everything that comes his way is an opportunity for an argument. From security to the barista, no one is safe from him. He’s a straight up d**k and all you can do is hope he isn’t next to you on the flight.

13. The One Who Looks At Everyone With Suspicion

Just like the creepy guy, the suspicious one is constantly looking around. They’ve officially let their paranoia get the better of them. God forbid, you tell this person anything, you will get the biggest overreaction you’ve ever seen! So stay clear.

14. The Diva And The Stud

You can’t sit near them, you can’t dream of talking to them, their perfume can be smelt for a mile and the list goes on. They are in a different bubble all together so it’s best to leave them there. Remember Monopoly? Don’t pass go, don’t collect $200, go straight to jail, directly to jail! Yeah, enough said.

15. The One Who’s Late For Their Flight

Run Forrest, run! Well, that what you’ll want to say at least. They are the ones who are late for the flight and need to sprint to the gate or they will miss the flight. While it’s funny to see them scramble, you’re kind of rooting for them.

Which kind do you like or dislike the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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