Weird Trends: Patrick Star From SpongeBob Turned Evil

Atmaj Vyas , 12 Mar 2018

It’s true that nowadays anything can become a trend in a matter of minutes or sometimes, even seconds! One look at the trending section on Twitter and you’ll see trends ranging from “WTF” to “SMH”! Either way, you can’t help clicking on it to see why something weird would be trending. One such thing we saw trending over the weekend was #EvilPatrick!

Everyone’s beloved Patrick Star, from the TV show SpongeBob SquarePants took a hilariously dark turn when people found an image of the cartoon character. Soon, an outburst of Evil Patrick memes began surfacing all over the internet. While some of the memes were hilarious, a lot of them were actually pretty nasty and sexual. It was both fun and traumatising to see these memes. Somewhere along the way, we’re pretty sure childhood memories were destroyed.

Even though the trend seems on a downward spiral, it’s not completely dead yet. If you do plan on checking out the hashtag, we do recommend you prepare yourself for some extremely rude and vulgar content. That being said, the rest of it will drop you to the floor with laughter!

What’s your favourite #EvilPatrick meme? Let us know in the comments below.

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