Balika Vadhu Actress Aasiya Kazi Shares Her Weight Loss Journey

Swagata Dam
Aasiya Kazi
Aasiya Kazi
Best remembered as Ganga from Balika Vadhu, 26-year-old Aasiya Kazi is now back on Indian television after a sabbatical of 2 years. In her brand new show titled Mere Papa Hero Hiralaal, she’s seen in a brand new avatar. And most importantly, she looks fitter than ever. The actress has lost oodles of weight (10 kgs to be precise) and is playing a character with shades of grey for the very first time.
Talking about her weight loss journey, she says:
I believe I’ve utilized my sabbatical of sorts to the maximum. I practically worked continuously for the last many years. I didn’t care about being in the best of shape, I’m not obsessed with weight loss either. I’m a foodie and will not starve and lose my sleep over a few kilos. I just had more free time during my break and I would workout often. I didn’t do it because I didn’t like something about my body, I lost weight because I did an activity I didn’t regularly do earlier. I’ve been receiving compliments and  I feel better inside out. It is a part of my lifestyle now.”

Here a couple of her new photos:

Aasiya Kazi
Aasiya Kazi
Now, that’s some major #Fitspo!
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