Everything You Need To Know About K-Beauty

Natasha Patel , 13 Mar 2018

We have a lot to thank the Koreans for; their food, culture, gadgets, music, but also their innovations in the beauty industry! Yes, for those of you who aren’t aware, Korean Beauty (popularly known as K-Beauty) has become a cult favourite in recent years. So much so that it is now a “trend”.

The underlying question though is…

What is K-Beauty?

They are essentially skin and makeup products that hail from South Korea. Korean women are super into beauty, and maintaining glowing and healthy skin… They heavily focus on the ‘glass skin’ or ‘cloudless skin’ look.  So, it’s natural for K-Beauty products to exude that kind of an aesthetic and be the ultimate skincare treatment.

Why are these products different?

Since the number one focus is to achieve hydrated and healthy skin, K-Beauty products are carefully thought through. They’re innovative, include new (and never-heard of) ingredients, and have are packaged in a quirky and cute manner.

Here are some popular K-beauty products:

Oh K! Oh K! Snail Sheet Mask (Source: beauty bay.com)
Too Cool For School Egg-Zyme Whipped Foam (Source: beauty bay.com)
Oh K! Oh K! Peeling Foot Mask (Source: beauty bay.com)
Holika Holika Dualizm Mask Sheet Water and Oil (Source: beauty bay.com)
Skin79 Calming And Soothing Care For Angry Cat Animal Mask (Source: beauty bay.com)
MIZON Egg White Bubble Cleanser (Source: beauty bay.com)
Oh K! Oh K! Cherry Blossom Handcream (Source: beauty bay.com)
Skin79 All That Black Mask (Source: beauty bay.com)
Tony Moly BBO BBO Lip Balm (Source: beauty bay.com)
Skin79 Original Golden Snail Hydro Gel Mask (Source: beauty bay.com)

And if you thought that snail masks was odd, wait till you see these crazy tools…

Vacuum for your blackheads

???Rp 210.000,-??? Vacum Komedo CW-666 Beauty Skin Berfungsi dengan menghisap keluar kotoran dari dalam pori-pori kulit, memberikan efek pemijatan di kulit dengan lembut. Dengan komedo dan kotoran terangkat darikulit, pori-pori akan mengecil sehingga kulit tampil lembut dan flawless. . ?Tenaga sedot 150kpa / kuat ?USB rechargeable / cas ulang ?Sedot comedo sampai akar ?10 x lebih berhasil daripada pakai mask ?Tidak sakit dan tidak meninggalkan bekas ?Bisa di bawakemana aja karna kecil dan. ?alatnya tahan lama karna bisa cas ulang ?Yang penting 100% hasil terlihat. . Cara Pemakaian ?Lap muka dengan air hangat agar pori2 terbuka ?Setelah itu nyalakan alat vakumnya, vakum area kulit yang berkomedo ?Cuci muka dengan pencuci kalian masing masing, dengan air dingin, setelah itu lap dgn kainlembut. . #facial #kbeauty #vacumkomedo #alatvacumkomedo #skincare #kecantikan #alatsalon #alatfacial #facialmandiri #beautyclass #vacumkomedojakarta #vacumkomedobekasi #cw666beautyskin #beautyskincare #naturerepublic #kosmetik #korea #lidahbuaya #aloevera #aloveragel #Kbeauty #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #koreancosmetics #naturegram #NRforindonesia #exo

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A facial massager

부스터를 풍부하게 먼저 도포하세요! #히알스틱 으로 롤링롤링~ #빵빵 #촉촉 #쫀쫀 #skincare #Repost @spatheel (@get_repost) ・・・ 꺄악 벌써 조회수 17천 !! 내가 넘 좋아하는 뮤지컬배우 정선아 동생 스파더엘 리프팅 팩에 이어 스파더엘 히알스틱을 이리도 사랑해 주다니~~♡♡♡ 선아야~~!! 근데 너의 쌩얼은 쫌 심하게 예쁘다아~♡♡ 최고야 진짜!! #Repost @summer.jeong with @repostapp ・・・ .제주도까지 바리바리 싸들고 온 #스파더엘히알스틱 일주일간 자기전에 바르고있는데 확실히 당김없어지고 아침에 일어나면 촉촉 보들보들 . 밤에 세안후 토너로 피부결정리, 부스터 충분하게 발라주고, 요 스틱으로 골고루 슉슉~밀어주기~~ 마무리로 수분크림 듬뿍장착하면 아침에 간만에 맑은 얼굴 보게됨 뭐냐 이거 왜케 잼나냥 ㅋ 아픈 물광주사 빠이욤~ . #스파더엘#물광피부#물광스틱#피부미인 @spatheel

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Eyebrow enhancer

Have you tried out any K-Beauty products? Would you?

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