10 Things You’re Likely To Experience At Every Nightclub Ever

10 Things You’re Likely To Experience At Every Nightclub Ever

Karishma Govil

Who doesn’t love going out with their fam over the weekend for a drink? But it’s never just one drink, is it? Well, that’s okay. We tend to go a bit overboard when it comes to a late night party. But we’re not the only ones at the nightclub. And once all the party-ragers come together, it’s bound to get chaotic. This is the scenario every weekend. We’ve listed things you are most likely to experience at a party over the weekend apart from the extremely loud music.

1. People Spilling Drinks On You

It’s not a party till someone spills a drink on you. That feeling of a sticky red wine stain on your white dress is what a nightclub experience is all about.

2. Someone Crushing Your Toes

That woman who crushes your toe with her sky-high heels is the most annoying part. Painful, if you will. You’re screaming every cuss word you know, at this point. Oh, the humanity!

3. Long Washroom Queues

You’re dying to pee. But you’ve gotta hold it in ‘coz some woman who’s wearing a jumpsuit has forgotten how she wore it. Why God, why?

4. Over-Crowded Bars

Everyone is dying for the liquor. After a long week, all you want is that drink. But the bartender seems to ignore you with all that crowd around the bar. Ugh!

5. Passive Smoking

The club is filled with the Smokey Smokersons of the city. There’s smoke everywhere. You don’t really need to smoke. You’re passively smoking anyway!

6. Random Washroom Conversations

Drunk people have the most interesting conversations. You’ll almost always wake up the next morning with the number of a random person you spoke to the previous night on your phone. And now you barely even remember what you two bonded over in the washroom.

7. Projectile Vomiting

Vomit everywhere! Literally. The sink of the washroom, the dance floor and also your shoes. Bleh!

8. Awkward Encounters

You’ll also bump into people you don’t really like. And then you have to fake smile and throw in a few air kisses. Small talk is such a buzz-kill, amirite?

9. Bar Fights

Alcohol, men, and bouncers are the perfect ingredients for a bar fight. There will always be this one person who will refuse to leave the bar and is a pure menace for everyone around.

10. Ending Up With A Massive Bill

You didn’t order 50 Jägerbombs!  How did this happen? You’ve mostly paid for that friend who got another 4 friends along and now you can’t ask each and every person to split the bill. So you have to sell your kidneys the next morning and pay it off.

This is what you will surely experience at almost every party over the weekend. Of course, this also has its own charm. And while we diss it out, we don’t stop attending these nightclubs because we honestly love the entertainment.

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