We love first dates. The first time you meet, dine, chat, kiss. The way your tummy feels when you think about them. But what happens when things don’t work out? The same person you liked so much turns into someone you can’t even stand. True, isn’t it? We’ve compiled a list of the kinds of exes you may have encountered at some point and if you’re unfortunate, you still bump into them once in a while. Here they are:

1. The Drunk Texter

This person only remembers you when they’re high. Only when they’re sh*t-faced will they text you. And to crack the drunk Da Vinci Code isn’t easy. Because they’re drunk, they type random alphabets and most times you don’t get what they’re saying.

2. The Stalker

They’re always there. And you don’t even know it. Social media or real life, they know what you’re doing, where you are and who you’re with. They’re creepy AF.

3. The Boomerang

The one you keep going back to. You’re clearly not supposed to. It isn’t meant to be. But you still keep going back. And eventually, you never end up getting over them. They are your comfort zone.

4. The Opportunist

This person will only call you when they need something from you. Whether it is a ride back home, a contact that they want to use, or they’re just plain bored.

5. The One That Got Away

This one was the love of your life. The one you actually loved. Put your guard down to and the one you expressed most of your love to. But they either dumped you or things just didn’t work out. But you still feel for them.

6. The Omnipresent

This one is everywhere. Wherever you go. The nightclub, restaurants or even cafes. This person is around you all the time. Ugh!

7. The F-Buddy

This person is your booty call. You call them when you need a ‘good night’s sleep’. They’re usually your back-up too. The one your still friends with.

8. The One You Show Off

There’s always that one person you’re so proud you dated. The good-looking or smart one. Sure, things didn’t work out. But at least everyone knows your league.

9. The One You’re Embarrassed About

Now there’s also that one person you cannot believe you dated. The one where you hide your face everytime someone mentions that ex’s name. Were you drunk during the entire course of the relationship?

10. The Psychotic One

Oh hell yes! Everyone has dealt with the crazy one. The one who has done things only a mental patient would do. And yet, you did go out with them at some point. Eek!

If you’re lucky, you may have encountered only a few of these. But if you’ve come across even around five of them, then we’re slow clapping for you, RN. It’s not easy to handle them, but such is life. You can love them or hate them, but you sure as hell can’t ignore them.

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