Sunny Leone and Rakhi Sawant
Sunny Leone and Rakhi Sawant

Ever since Sunny Leone made her debut in Bollywood, she has had one constant enemy – Rakhi Sawant. For some reason, Rakhi believes that Sunny is her competitor and keeps finding one way or the other to malign her. Recently, she told the media that Sunny has passed on her number in the porn industry.

Sunny Leone has given my number to the adult entertainment industry. I am getting calls from people there. They are asking for my videos and medical certificate and are offering me good amount. But I am not at all interested in doing such work. I will die but will never ever get into that world. I am an Indian girl and I know my values. Mein dil se Hindustani hoon ( I am an Indian by heart). When I asked them how they got my number, they took Sunny Leone’s name.

Umm. Okay, Rakhi! She recently posted this video congratulating Sunny for her twin boys:

According to Rakhi, Sunny called her after watching the above video and asked her if she is jealous of her:

After I posted the congratulating videos for the former porn star, she called me from an unknown number and was asking if I am jealous of her. Why will I be? I have done good work in the B-Town. I have brought the trend of remix. People can sit with family to watch my work. However, I just hope people from porn industry don’t misuse my name and number.

Interesting. Very interesting, Rakhi!