Moms are our pillars. A shoulder to cry on, and our go-to for emotional support. But sometimes, we forget to give credit to our fathers. The dads have been nothing but supportive all our lives and of all our decisions. When something goes wrong, we look up to them and know that they’ll definitely take care of it. Here are a few reasons why your dad is the best role model you could have asked for.

1. Father Disciplines You

Dads are the ones that teach you to have a disciplined life. Waking up early, scoring good grades, and even mastering a sport. They cheer you to make all the good choices in your life. On fathers day thanks him for making you disciplined.

2. Your Father Keeps You Grounded

As much as he pampers you, he also makes sure to balance it with keeping you rooted. He tells you to be modest and not let success get to your head.

3. He Teaches You How To Spend Your Money

Aren’t they just the perfect career guides? They tell you where to spend your money and how to save it. Without them, we’d blow all of our money up.

4. He Is Protective For Your Own Good

When we were kids, we would hate when our dads wouldn’t allow us to stay out till late. But when we grow up, we thank them for doing that. They help you maintain your dignity.

5. You Learn How To Deal With Stress From Him

Fathers go through so much stress. From parenting to financial burdens and responsibilities. They go through so much for us. And yet, you’d never be able to tell the amount of stress they face. We learn that from them.

Father And Son (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Father And Son (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

6. Father is One Teaches You To Value Money

Our pocket money as kids was limited. This was so that we value money at a young age. Our dads taught us to know the worth of money and not piss it all away.

7. He Teaches You How To Earn Respect

Respect is not demanded. It is earned. Our dads taught us that. You cannot force anyone to respect or love you. It can only be earned by your actions. This is what they’ve told us since we were children. and that has been embedded in our minds from a young age.

8. He Allows You To Make Mistakes

Fathers always say that you can make a mistake once. But repeating it is not a mistake. It is a choice. He lets you make your first mistake. And lets you learn why you shouldn’t repeat it.

9. He Knows How To Treat You

We may grow up. But for our parents, we’ll always be their kids. Our dads know when to treat us like adults, and when we need to be pampered like children.

10. He Teaches You How To Plan Your Future

Our futures have always been planned by our parents. Our dads teach us how to set our goals and eventually work hard and achieve them. Since they’ve already done this bit in their youth, they know to help us do it too.

So, on fathers Day you see your dad, hug him and thank him for shaping your personality and future. He’s done more than you think for you and never asked for anything in return.

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