We all consume different brands on a daily basis. From our toothpaste to our energy drinks or even a bag of chips. We’ve grown up consuming them. But there are many WTF facts we bet you didn’t know about them. We’re here to enlighten you. Here they are:

1. Ikea

FACT: The Ikea store layouts are designed like mazes so that customers who walk in, get lost and land up getting more time in the stores.

2. Thums Up

FACT: Did you notice that the name of this famous soda brand does not have the alphabet ‘B’?

3. Yahoo!

FACT: Yahoo is an acronym of ‘Yet Another Hierarchically Organised Oracle’.

4. Facebook

FACT: Adding /4 to the end of the Facebook URL will take you directly to the owner Mark Zuckerberg‘s profile.

5. Nutella

FACT: Nutella sells approximately 11 million jars every year across the world. That’s 1 jar every 2.5 seconds. Whoa!

6. Google

FACT: Google was originally called BackRub.

7. McDonald’s

FACT: The McDonalds‘ logo is not an ‘M’ as you might’ve thought, but actually the arches of the initial restaurant design.

8. Starbucks

FACT: The small tables at Starbucks were made so customers don’t feel too lonely.

9. Warner Bros.

FACT: Warner Bros. owns the copyright to the song ‘Happy Birthday’. Imagine getting sued by them the next time you sing it to someone while they cut their birthday cake.

10. Marlboro

FACT: The original Marlboro Man died of lung cancer.

We’re sure you’ll look at these brands quite differently now that you know some cool facts about them. Go ahead, tell your friends. We know you want to!

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