The weekend is here! And we’re here with our saviour complex to help you out in the time of need. We recognise the need to kick back with a nice and strong Long Island Iced Tea, after a long week like this one. We totally get you. Long Island Iced Teas are the perfect cure, ‘coz it there’s no need to pick one spirit when you can have 5. And that’s why we’ve got you a list of bars that serve the strongest and tastiest LITs you need to try RN!

1. Jamjar, Multiple Outlets

LIT: JJ’s Jager Island Iced Tea
Price: ₹475

2. The Daily, Bandra

LIT: Long Island Iced Tea
Price: ₹475

3. 145, Multiple Outlets

LIT: Long Beach Iced Tea
Price: ₹520

4. Radio Bar, Bandra

LIT: Long Beach Iced Tea
Price: ₹450

5. Social, Multiple Outlets

LIT: Electric Long & Strong
Price: ₹650

6. Glocal Junction, Multiple Outlets

LIT: Scooby Dooby In Blue Sea
Price: ₹810

7. Hard Rock Cafe, Multiple Outlets

LIT: Ultimate Long Island Iced Tea
Price: ₹595

There are way too many reasons to down these insanely strong LITs. What are you waiting for? Go get!

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