Snapchat has landed itself in the news again after the Kylie Jenner debacle wherein their market value dropped by nearly $1 billion after she tweeted this:

This time, however, it’s far more serious and involves our favourite bad gal—Rihanna.  In a case of advertising gone seriously wrong, the ad saw Snapchat posing a “Would you rather?” question for which the options were “Slap Rihanna or “Punch Chris Brown“, referencing the domestic violence issue between the two artists. This didn’t sit well with many users and even the singer herself, obviously!

To many, including Rihanna, it seemed as if the ad was mocking victims of domestic violence. In an Instagram story, she wrote about how she felt and openly called out the platform. While Snapchat was quick to pull the plug on the ad and apologise for their lack of judgement, the damage was already done.

Rihanna’s statement

Rihanna's statement on Insta story
Rihanna’s statement on Insta story

Snapchat quickly released many statements and quickly took everything down from their platform. However, since this fiasco came to light, their stock had already taken a 4% (estimated at 800 million dollars) hit. Snapchat has seen their shares on the decline for a while now, and this seems like the nail in the coffin.

So can our once-beloved app, rise from the mounting pile of doom? We’d love to say that time will tell, however looking at the current situation, we honestly think it’s not looking good.

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