Sidharth Malhotra

Amidst speculations of his break up with Alia Bhatt, Sidharth Malhotra has realised that the “perfect girl does not exist”. (Neither do perfect boys,  Sid, so join the gang!) In a recent interview with HT, when asked about his views on the “perfect girl”, he said:

It’s a mirage, it’s a cheat! There is no such thing as a perfect girl. It’s not how someone is, it’s how they make you feel. That’s more important. That feeling is a sense of positivity and warmth, and you know that there is something real to it.

He also went on record to say that he is “very much single” and is still figuring out the term, Love.

That’s a subject I wish I could articulate. I’d be lying if I said any line [to define it], it will be a fake line. I’m still learning the process of understanding what love is. There are so many permutations and combinations; whoever articulates it is just making it up. Nobody knows!

True that, Sid, nobody knows. Maybe one day we’ll know, and until then we have Ishq Wala Love: