10 Types Of Annoying Texters

Atmaj Vyas , 20 Mar 2018
Girl Texting (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Girl Texting (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

The world has moved on quite a bit from the landline days. Gone are the good old days when people would call you and talk. Nowadays, everything is discussed in a text message. Messaging service companies like Whatsapp, have constantly looked to add new features and tools to enhance the user’s experience too. Undoubtedly, they have come a long way indeed. However, with the good, also comes the bad! Texting also gave the rise to a new problem, the annoying texter! To show you what we mean, here are 10 types of annoying texters.

1. The One Who Sends Unreadable Messages

Correct use of abbreviations and grammar is completely lost on this one. It would probably be a miracle if you manage to get through their text without smashing your phone. Maybe a lesson in grammar or a lesson in time management may work wonders because it literally takes 2 seconds to type ‘how are you’, as opposed to the ‘HRU’. It legit seems like a cryptic code you need to decipher.

2. The Person Who Only Replies With A ‘K’

Arguably one of the most annoying kinds of people to ever text. Anything and everything you send them will be replied to with a ‘K’. Even if it’s the happiest moment of your life and you send them a message, that ‘K’ they send back will make your smile die. Is it laziness or is it just to piss you off? That’s a question for the ages!

3. The Speech Writer

Lord have mercy on my eyes! This special type of texter sends a message so long, you’ll probably grow old and wrinkly by the time you finish. God forbid you actually piss this person off or say something to upset them, the barrage of paragraphs that will come your way will literally have you begging for mercy. If you compiled all their messages, you might actually end up with 2000 page novel!

4. Exclamation Please!

It’s confusing because when you receive a text from this person, you’re not sure if they are just happy or on a sugar rush. Everything they send you ends with an exclamation. Maybe someone needs to tell them that there are a significant amount of punctuations to end a sentence with. An example would be, ‘Hi! How are you! Are you getting out! OMG, that’s so sad!’

5. The One Who Doesn’t Understand The Concept Of Space

Everyone has at some point or the other been in a bad mood or too busy to reply to a text. On the other hand, you have the people who don’t seem to get that. They bombard you with questions and texts continuously, till you’re literally forced to tell them to STFU. What follows though, is a completely new story that involves a lot of explaining and drama.

6. One Sentence, Multiple Texts

We all know someone like this! Instead of writing one simple sentence, they break up their entire text into 100 tiny little texts, that make no sense. The nightmare of going through all those messages and trying to understand it is on a completely different level.

7. The Emoji And GIF Person

For every word, there is an emoji and for every sentence, there are multiple emojis. Their messages look like secret codes and sometimes like messages that our ancestors left us on walls. Except, our ancestors didn’t have the poop emoji! While hunting for GIF’s is a talent, sending it as a response to every message is just as annoying as the emojis.

8. The One Who Loves Greeting You

It starts with a greeting in the morning, followed by another one in the afternoon and ends with one wishing you a good night. While that alone is kinda cute, it’s the forward with some cheesy quote and horrible picture that’s annoying.

9. The News Channel

Before the news actually breaks, you already get multiple forwards from them! These messages contain information that might be slightly relevant. However, it’s mostly not and is usually just them jumping the gun. They are usually the ones who end up causing unnecessary panic and spreading #FakeNews.

10. The Groupie

This person loves creating groups! No matter the occasion, they will make a group and add everyone involved in it. They’re probably in over a thousand groups but they just love creating more. Before you know it, you’re actually in all those groups and you have the dreaded task of leaving them, one by one!

Which type of person gets on your nerves the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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