Everything You Need To Know About The New KKW Beauty Concealers

Natasha Patel , 20 Mar 2018

Last week, Kim Kardashian‘s eponymous beauty brand, KKW Beauty took to Instagram to with a picture with her mom, Kris Jenner and her grandmom, MJ. Within minutes of the first campaign photo getting out—with a caption that read Concealer Kits coming 03.23 #KKW #ConcealBakeBrighten—the internet lost all chill.

Kim told Allure magazine that the campaign shot was done “to show it’s not always about these young, perfect models that are going to look good no matter what.” Keeping that in mind, the new concealer collection includes 16 shades of liquid concealer, four shades of baking power, and four shades of brightening powder.

After the incredible response with the KKW contour sticks, we’re in no doubt that these concealers are a sure shot win. With their ultra creamy and hydrating formula, it’s an easy and perfect way to correct and highlight.

The other two products include a loose powder to set the concealer and prevent it from creasing, and a finishing pressed powder for brightening.

This 3-step kit was inspired by her own concealing process and here’s how she does it…

First, the liquid concealer is applied:

Then she use the baking powder followed by the brightening powder:

The #ConcealBakeBrighten kit launches on the March 23. Feeling spendy yet?

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