10 Reasons Why Vietnam Needs To Be On Your Bucket List

Atmaj Vyas , 21 Mar 2018

Bringing you more travel FOMO, we bring you another amazing country that needs to be on your bucket list for 2018! This time we bring you the stunning and quaint, Vietnam. This gorgeous little country located near the South China Sea is the perfect holiday destination for anyone looking for a slightly offbeat and unconventional holiday. Here are 10 reasons that prove it’s simply the best!

1. Breathtaking Landscapes

It’s important to remember that Vietnam isn’t one of your regular holiday destinations. It isn’t mainstream either, so when we talk about a breathtaking landscape, we’re referring to the fact that this country could literally be a world heritage site. From the beautiful Phong Nha Ke Bang caves to the scenic French-style villas, this country is nothing short of picture perfect.

2. Amazing People

Unlike many countries, the people in Vietnam are always smiling and greet you with the same warmth, whether or not you know their language. There is an elegance but sweetness to their attitude and they are also very helpful. Even the hard-working, local farmers will give you a smile that will make your heart tingle.

3. Easily Accessible

A lot of times, when you’re planning a holiday, the biggest hassle is the entire visa and immigration issue. However, with Vietnam, it’s much less complicated! Besides the embassy, Vietnam visas can also be granted upon arrival. All you need to do is to apply online for your approval letter via a number of online travel companies, which are plentiful on the net and within two days, you’ll have your visa.

4. Extremely Affordable

While Vietnam is slowly and steadily becoming a more well known and frequently travelled road, it is still considered much more affordable than many other places. There is a place for every type of traveller! So, whether you’re looking for a 5-star hotel or a backpacking adventure, this country has it all.

5. A Paradise For Coffee Lovers

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. . #ベトナムコーヒー #vietnamcoffee #ちょっと休憩 #coffeetime . . 旦那さんのベトナム出張のお土産でもらったベトナムコーヒーセット。初めて淹れてみました。細かい穴が空いてるフィルターに挽いた豆を入れて押さえの中フタをして蒸らしてからお湯を注いで待つだけ。けっこう抽出時間はかかります。普段はブラック派ですがベトナムコーヒーと言えばたっぷり練乳。これはこの方が感じが出て美味しいですね😋けっこう苦めの豆ですしね。よく混ぜていただきます。 細身のガラスカップがないのでWECKで代用💦 奥の鳥はセットが入っていた木箱のフタ。可愛いのでとってあります♡手前のマリのような巾着状の袋にはコーヒー豆が入ってました。これも可愛い。 現在リニューアル中の現代美術館のカフェのひとつがベトナム料理なのでよく飲みました。早く出来てほしいな。 #バルミューダザポット はお湯がすぐ沸いてびっくり。ノズルが細くて注ぎやすいです。 . 今日みたいな雨の日にゆっくり淹れるのも良いです。花粉症で具合が安定しないから、雨もありがたいです。 . . . #お茶の時間 #coffee #coffeebreak #withcoffee #Vietnamesecoffee #vietnam #coffeelover #caferunam #コーヒーのある暮らし #バルミューダ #balmudathepot #balmuda #おうちカフェ #日々の暮らし #weck #coffeeholic #lovecoffee #コーヒータイム #練乳

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You heard that right! Vietnam has some of the best French-drip coffee. What’s better is that you can find it almost everywhere and they all taste absolutely delicious. So head down any of the streets in Vietnam to enjoy an amazing cup of coffee.

6. Exquisite Cuisines

Ahh! What is life without good food? Vietnamese food is some of the best food in the world and no matter where you eat it, it’s never going to as good as the authentic food served in Vietnam. Vietnamese food goes beyond pho and spring rolls and varies by regions: fresh vegetables continue to dominate the tables, while meat and poultry are rising in popularity.

7. Rich Culture And Traditions

Thanks to its long history and Buddhist influence, Vietnam is one of the most amazing places for anyone looking for a little soul-searching. There are festivals pretty much all around the year, each celebrating one of their many traditions. It’s truly magical to experience these and you’ll walk away from the country with a completely different perspective.

8. Architecture and History

When you see the remnants of the Dai Viet civilisation and all the other Chinese-influenced buildings like the Temple of Literature, you’ll quickly realise how rich their history really is. It spans over centuries and each style is so well preserved that it looks like it’s straight out of a picture. A little research into the country and you’ll have an itinerary that’s full of adventure and exploration.

9. Natural Beauty

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From scenic greenery to its world famous beaches, Vietnam isn’t a slouch in the natural beauty department. What is more relaxing than spending time in the blue water under the shining sun. Let the waves of Da Nang, Nha Trang or Mui Ne relieve all the stress of the busy day-to-day life.

10. Well Connected

Unlike many other off beat destinations, Vietnam is rather well connected. Despite what people think, the country actually has a thriving infrastructure and an amazing public transport system to boot. So travelling to and inside the country, from city to city is a piece of cake!

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning out your awesome holiday!

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