10 Weird Superstitions That We Can’t Seem To Wrap Our Heads Around

10 Weird Superstitions That We Can’t Seem To Wrap Our Heads Around

Atmaj Vyas

There is no place for superstitions in the 21st century, right? Wrong! Despite all the modernization and advancement we’ve made, we still hold on to our superstitions. While some of us may not believe in them, there is no denying that a vast majority of people still do. It’s not just a cultural thing or something that only exists in India! Superstitions exist all over the world. To prove that, here are 10 weird and bizarre superstitions from around the world.

1. Knock Knock

Ever heard of the term ‘knock on wood’? Well, this superstition goes all the way to the medieval times. European churchgoers would knock on wood for luck and to bring themselves closer to the divinity. This was because the church claimed that the wood they knocked on was actually from the cross.

2. Cheers!

Want someone to die? Toast them with water! This superstition is common in Germany and is actually derived from a Greek myth that involved spirits of the dead, drinking water from the river Lethe. So, when you’re in Germany, don’t say cheers with a glass of water. #FriendlyAdvice

3. Tuesday The 13th!

In Spain and other Spanish speaking countries, it’s actually Tuesday the 13th that freaks people out. In Spanish, Tuesday is referred to as Martes, which is derived from Mars, who was a Roman God of war. To them, this day is considered to be responsible for violence and bloodshed.

4. The Corner Table

As per the Russians and Hungarians, if you sit at the corner table in a cafe or restaurant, you will not get married. Allegedly, the bad luck only lasts 7 years! So, you what you have to do if don’t want to get married for the next 7 years. #JustSaying

5. The Ground Is Bad Luck

In many Central and South American countries, it is believed that if you put your wallet or purse on the ground, it will bring you bad financial luck. Not sure why someone would do that in the first place but consider yourself warned.

6. Mirror Mirror On The Wall

While this one is a rather common one, we decided to give you a little history behind it. In ancient times, people considered a reflection to be a part of your soul. So, if you broke a mirror, your soul gets trapped in it, if your reflection was there at the time of breaking. They also believed that each picture you take traps a piece of your soul. Selfie anyone?

7. Stop Whistling

Apparently in Russian, if you whistle indoors it could lead to financial problems. The Norwegians, however, believe that whistling at the sun will cause it to rain. We like the whole whistle at the sun and it will rain thing! Maybe we should try it since summer is setting in and a little rain could really help beat the heat.

8. The Evil Eye

The evil eye amulet has become somewhat of a fashion staple. This little blue and white amulet used to used to ward off evil eye in Turkey and was called ‘Nazar Boncuğu‘. It was also something that would commonly be seen in countries like Greece, Egypt, Iran and Morocco. Now, it’s easily available and doesn’t seem to have the same value or purpose as it once did.

9. North That Way!

It is said that sleeping with your head facing the north is an invitation to bad luck and poor health. People who are deceased are usually placed with their heads facing north. So this, in turn, gave rise to believe that a person who slept in that position would slowly have their life slip away from them. This superstition originated in Japan and is still largely considered as true.

10. Itchy Palms

Has anyone ever told you that if your palms itch, it means you’ll become rich? Well, this superstition also comes from Turkey. It is believed that if your right hand is itchy,  it means you’ll get money. However, if your left hand is itchy, you’ll lose money.

What are some of the weirdest superstitions you’ve heard? Let us know in the comments below.

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