If there’s any place where you’ll find a variety of people, it’s definitely at your college. College life is fun and you get to meet so many people, one weirder than the other and it’s not hard to tell them apart considering every type has a distinct personality. Here are types of people you will definitely see in college.

1. The Mean Girls

You know this gang has entered the room when the collective attention of the room shifts. They strut around the campus like models. These girls are fashionistas who will always look down on you and will be downright mean.

2. The Random Strollers

They’re the ones who roam around aimlessly in college and have no life. Don’t you wonder why they even come to college?

3. The Class Nerd

The class nerd aka the teacher’s pet is always engrossed in books and knows all the answers to every question. It’s not surprising when you also find them in the library.

4. The ‘It’ Couple

They’re the designated college lovebirds. #PDAAlert!

5. The Celebrity

Every college has that one popular person who everyone looks up to and wants to be on their social strata.

6. The Flirt

These guys always set their eyes on everyone and love to flirt, especially with the juniors.

7. The Wishful Thinker

We all know that one friend who secretly has a crush on the teacher.

8. The Talented Bunch

This is the group that always hangs out together because they’re part of the college cultural society. They’re either singers, dancers or actors and are always entertaining the college crowd.

9. The Foodie

Whenever you enter the college cafeteria, you always end up seeing that same person who is forever hungry and is busy indulging in junk food.

10. The Party Animal

You will always find this person planning parties every weekend. Don’t be surprised if you bump into them either.

11. The Social Media Queen

We all know that one girl who is forever taking selfies and videos just to post them on social media. Her life is an open book. We know what she does, where she goes and who she hangs out with 24×7.

12. The College Creep

Every college has that one creep who is secretly stalking you and is everywhere.

13. Mr India

This person is never seen in college except when there’s an exam and sometimes we all wonder if they’re new but they’ve actually been there the whole time.

14. The Latecomer

There’s always that one person who is always late for the lecture but the teacher lets them enter anyway.

15. The Sleepy Head

This one is just not a morning person and has a hard time keeping their eyes open in class.

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