Sabyasachi has been spamming our Instagram feed with the most stunning bridal and groomswear designs we’ve seen in awhile—And we do not mind it at all. The vibe of his collection is classic for the most part but we’re also seeing a lot of experimentation with new textures and silhouettes, and that is what’s currently got all of our attention. Anushka Sharma got her hands on this collection called, An Endless Summer way before its release and so did Deepika Padukone. The latest addition to this list of Bollywood ladies who are wearing his newest line is Kangana Ranaut.

What she wore was essentially as fresh and new as it could get. Never has Sabyasachi crafted an oriental-inspired blouse like this one. His design aesthetic has always shown us 3 kinds of necklines: The Bipasha Neckline, The Classic High Neck, and the Low-Sweeping Neckline. So, this new key-hole variation is a welcomed change. Celebrity stylist Ami Patel choose to keep the look just how it was styled in the collection, for Kangana. She wore a black and gold sari that was hand-painted and hand-embroidered by Bengal artists from The Sabyasachi Art Foundation. Sabyasachi Mukherjee smoothly mixed two cultures in this design as he blended the Chinese lacquer colours of chrome and black and edged this sari with vintage Benaras brocade borders.

Check out Kangana’s full look:

Here’s the same look from Sabyasachi‘s collection:

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